Nadya Suleman on Casey Anthony: What a Freak!

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When Octomom is calling you out, you need serious help.

Not that this is a new revelation for Casey Anthony (who will be seeking mental health treatment), a woman so hated that even one of the most notorious drains on society, Nadya Suleman, is sick just thinking about her.

"I would die for my children," Octomom tells Steppin' Out Magazine. "The whole [Casey Anthony] case makes me nauseous. It makes me sick."

Bag It Octo

Octomom has been called a lot of things, but never a killer!

Casey was acquitted last month of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony. She was released July 17 and went immediately into hiding.

Many people are convinced she got away with murder.

"The thought that Casey Anthony would even entertain the idea of harming her child makes me sick," Nadya, herself a mother of 14, said.

"I don't have all the facts, but I have worked with the mentally disabled for many years before having children. I worked with sociopaths and psychopaths in a mental hospital and in my opinion, Casey Anthony is not emotionally stable."

"If something happened and she really did do something to her child," says Nadya, "I believe it would be related to her mental illness."

Attorneys for Casey, who was recently spotted in Ohio, have said that she soon will be entering serious treatment to deal with the combined trauma of her child dying and spending three years in solitary confinement.

No word on when and where that will occur.


Well goody, one crazy woman calling out another crazy woman. smh


casy anthony is a women of leasure not a mother for a child she to whorish to be a mother thanks ...........


I have never been a fan of NS but as a teacher for special needs i see nadya in a diffrent light. yes she messed up by having the embryos implanted. yes she is a bit odd. But she has 14 kids!!!! 3 which have special needs. what do people expect?? i know couples that have one disabled child and can't deal with it. Nadya is poor and runing herself short. why does KAte Goslin get book deals and gets to be a speaker and "model mother" when she doesnt even take care of her kids nanies do she is a dispicable walking fake! nadya shows the reality of poverty, being a single parent, of dealing with disabled children but umm.. nope she wont ever be admired like kate Goslin why because she is a lill odd (probobly due to her lack of contact with people because shes always with her kids)


I got nothing left to say about Casey Anthony...absolutely nothing good to say. So I'm not gonna repeat myself over and over about this. all already know and heard how I feel about Casey Anthony.


well i say that i do not blame octo mom for calling out casey anthony because casey is a social path or psycho path whatever her mental state is she is very unstable and needs serious help and the judge needs to put her ass on probation and not just let her walk free murders like casey anthony that kill their precious babies are to be convicted and put in jail for life and i do not think that treatment will help so if she decides to adopt another child which i hope that she doesn't because i would be worried for the child and that she is safe .


what is wwrong with her boobs?


"Casey killed her ONE kid....and Octo is probably harming her kids with bad parenting." Not a fan of either, but being dirty is better than being dead.


There's a big reason people are comparing the 2. Both are narcassitic, pathalogical liers! Oh yes, thank GOD octo hasn't killed any of them but, if that's what you think is a good mom..She's horrible to them & now running with an ex porn "star" & other active porno people, taking bikini pics & plastering them in rag mags with porn ads...good job mommy. Octo needs to stfu & worry about all those disabled kids us tax payer's are gonna be supporting all their lives. She is only slightly above Casey Anthony...


I never had any compassion for NS until I saw her interview with Dr. Drew. I followed the CA trial which was emotionally exhausting. How anyone could murder anyone especially their only child is beyond me. And to walk free...I'll never understand our justice system completely. Throughout this entire process I see Nadia with new eyes. She realizes she did not make the best choices, she said so herself. With that said, this woman is holding it up, caring for her beautiful, fatherless children. Does she feel like she wants to kill them some days? I'm sure. Kill herself? I'm sure. BUT, this woman loves her children so much, she is a good woman. She is providing and caring for them. They are happy and all of their needs are met. Good job Nayda.


"Casey Anthony is not emotionally stable." Pot, Kettle.

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