Miley Cyrus Snapped Smoking: Right or Wrong?

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Miley Cyrus has a cute new puppy, but an ugly new habit.

While on vacation with Liam Hemsworth in Michigan this week, the singer/actress was photographed multiple times with a cigarette in her hand. Check out the photos here.

Marie Claire Shot

Naturally, Cyrus has a right to smoke. But does she have a responsibility not to?

Katie Couric argued that point on The View this morning, saying - as a mother of a teenager - she is disappointed that Cyrus is setting this kind of example. The star, after all, simply has to know that cameras follow her every move. She also must be aware of the average age of her fan base.

What do you think? Miley's lungs, Miley's problem? Or, come on Miley, an A-list celebrity ought to act like a role model?

Is it wrong for Miley to smoke in public?


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i dont think it iz wrong 4 hwr ta smoke im 19 n smoke she growin up lwt her be.she iz no longer a lil kid anymore itz her life.


Right on angie... Its our reponsibilty to teach our kids right from wrong not her...and our teens know the effects and consequences from smoking...they get pplenty of drug awareness in school...just saying....let the girl grow up


Whether she was smoking or not is on her. My kids can get anything they want from their friends. Miley has never met my children, so it isn't like she can make them do anything. If you don't want your children to smoke, teach them, talk to them about peer pressure. Don't let the television be their babysitter and don't let Hollywood be their role models.


the way how i see its the parents job to set an example for their kids not hers. if she wants to smoke thats her problem not ours.


Smoking is sooooo 60's. How gross.


Smoking cigarettes.....Drinking.....Bong smoking.....Exposing herself.....Sexual performances in front of 6 year old children.....Dressing like trash.....Someone to really look up to.


I dont want miley to smoke because not only does it ruin ur health but it can ruin ur voice too. So I hope this doesn't turn into a habit for her.


She's grown up and can and should make her own choices. Let her be. And parents!! - YOU be the role models for your kids! Don't rely on rock stars, actors, athletes etc. to do it for you. These people don't get paid to be role models. You had the kids, now you be what you want them to be.


leave her alone . It's not like it's like shocker coming from her . I know a bunch of people who started smoking at 14 . Shes 18, she has her on life now, let her be and stop worrying and complaining of what shes doing and start worrying about yourself..I dont like her but you shouldnt be shocked at this behavior .


Anyone that has a problem with this needs to get over themselves. Your holier-than-though rederick is stale and boring. The girl is breaking no laws and is not harming anyone so mind your own business. All this garbage about she shouldn't do it because she's a role model to kids is a joke. You know who should be a role model to the kids? Their parents. Everyone needs to quit trying to find scapegoats for the problems of today's youth and look at the direct source...the parents. Find the time to raise your children right and quit blaming others.