Miley Cyrus Snapped Smoking: Right or Wrong?

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Miley Cyrus has a cute new puppy, but an ugly new habit.

While on vacation with Liam Hemsworth in Michigan this week, the singer/actress was photographed multiple times with a cigarette in her hand. Check out the photos here.

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Naturally, Cyrus has a right to smoke. But does she have a responsibility not to?

Katie Couric argued that point on The View this morning, saying - as a mother of a teenager - she is disappointed that Cyrus is setting this kind of example. The star, after all, simply has to know that cameras follow her every move. She also must be aware of the average age of her fan base.

What do you think? Miley's lungs, Miley's problem? Or, come on Miley, an A-list celebrity ought to act like a role model?

Is it wrong for Miley to smoke in public?


So called miley cyrus ur not miley!BITCH!we know miley did smoke,it is her life,her choice but honestly what if she looses her voice.....its baaaa-baaaa-bye fame!


Blize you are right. I can't say it better. Miles just live you live and make nice songs you fans will love you whatever de paparazzo sais aboud you.


Hey Katie your Hero Obama smokes yet you worship him, so stfu.


I think the reason people are making a big deal out of it is because they see Miley as a hypocrite. Miley SWORE she would never smoke. In her book Miles To Go she said ' I would never ever smoke, thats just something I cant do to my body or to my voice. Plus my Grandpa died from lung cancer. I wanna be able to live a long healthy life.' And now here she is a few years later doing what she said she'd never do: smoking. Never say Never.


If Miley Cyrus was still 12 and on Hannah Montana I'd say that people SHOULD be mad at her. But here's the thing that her critics don't seem to get: MILEY IS 18 GOING ON 19 NOW AND NO LONGER ON DISNEY CHANNEL! Once a star leaves disney channel, the disney channel 'role model responsibilities' end for that star. Yes, smoking is unhealthy, but so is eating junk food. You wouldn't get mad at a celebrity for having an unhealthy diet, would you? As an adult, what Miley Cyrus does with her body is her choice. Many people both inside and outside of Hollywood smoke. Do people walking down the street get publicly criticized for smoking? Do Lady Gaga and the Olsen twins get criticized for smokning? Then neither should Miley Cyrus.


Miley can do what she wants! Its her life! Shes an adult now and im sure many teens r doing the same things!!! All the world does is pick out her flaws!!!!!!! Seriously Shes not perfect!!!!!! Shes still a good person... I mean she probaly getting pressured into doing this stuff!! By who? THE CONSTANT HATING! I still love miley no matter what she does!

Avatar one can make her stop smoking, but she better keep in mind that not only cigarettes can cause lung cancer but also can damage her vocal chords. If she loses her voice while singing in front of her fans one day later....I will feel sorry for her. Take my advise to all rock star lead vocalists especially pop stars....please don't smoke.


she can do what ever she wants to do but she knows tht it's bad 4 her


alot of celebs smoke & nobody is up an arms about them. & when miley hits 21 or & is photography with a beer in her hand the whole world will stop & hate on her. So stupid.


It's just bad just hearing about miley cyrus smoking and evrything smoking isn't good for u.U can get lung cancer and other diseases and her mommy shouldnt just let her do wat ever she wants parents should be trying to be a parent not incourageing them to smoke
I love u miley as a big fan but u gotta quit smoking and since ur a role model to kids u shouldnt smoke at all by:blanca Davis


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