Miley Cyrus Snapped Smoking: Right or Wrong?

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Miley Cyrus has a cute new puppy, but an ugly new habit.

While on vacation with Liam Hemsworth in Michigan this week, the singer/actress was photographed multiple times with a cigarette in her hand. Check out the photos here.

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Naturally, Cyrus has a right to smoke. But does she have a responsibility not to?

Katie Couric argued that point on The View this morning, saying - as a mother of a teenager - she is disappointed that Cyrus is setting this kind of example. The star, after all, simply has to know that cameras follow her every move. She also must be aware of the average age of her fan base.

What do you think? Miley's lungs, Miley's problem? Or, come on Miley, an A-list celebrity ought to act like a role model?

Is it wrong for Miley to smoke in public?


seeing miley smoke broke my heart she is only 18 and her fans dont want her dead at 25 or like lindsy or britney she has a wonderful voice and she shouldnt destry it,she needs to think of her fans and how its affecting them and it would kill us to see her dead!please miley stop!!!!!


okay seriously, everyone needs to just chill. she is 18 now and can do whatever she wants. we all need to realize that the little girl we saw in hannah montana has grown up. Just because she is famous doesnt give us the right to criticize her smoking habit.


"She have 18 years-she can does what ever she wants"-that are saying her fans.
I don't hate her,I'm only disapoinded.She's not a Disney star anymore,she wants to become a real actress.But,will nacked pictures,smoking and slutty outfits gonna help her?Nobody takes her for real anymore and she desperate needs atention.I know also that she is sick about all "sweet and sunshine girl" but she dosen't need to be a slut to prove otherwise.What about her co-workers on Disney?Is Selena a slut?Demi?Emily?Vanessa?Tiffany?C'mon,her fans can tell what ever they want to clear her name but she is really in the dark now.Sorry,Miley but your carer is your life...what when you loose your fame?


seeing those photos broke my heart :'(


Her boobs are going to sagg now...


All I'm gonna say that is 6 minutes off your life guess wat i hope you die now cuz wen people start copying her that means more people die so there you go


Miley will always be a terrible singer. And smoking wont help. :(


i don't my miley cyrus somking cuz we could except that from her from all the stuff shes been doing lately older music vids and older song and older atitude and older style like i said in the first place we don't mind miley smoking but we do mind an 18 year old smoking.


I've found that I've started to care little and less about things that people like Miley Cyrus do.
I mostly come here to see what new cause Angelina Jolie has picked up, and then receive the respective education for that cause. I'm learning slowly, more about the world, and forgetting quickly the things that take place inside the corrupt bubble of this little town of few artists and all too many wanna-bes called Hollywood.


@Mita.....So, she's considered a hypocrite by some. Was she smoking at the time she made that statement? No, she wasn't. So, there is no hypocrisy involved. Is she expressing that negative view at the present time? No, she isn't. There is no hypocrisy involved. If she was presently expressing that view, she would be a hypocrite. Presently she is just a person who changed her view. No hypocrisy involved. How many times have you changed your view about something. Are you a hypocrite if you did? Of course not. Your just a person who changed your view. Before you start labeling people as hypocrites, consider the time line, unless of course, you believe that what a person says is etched in stone for the rest of their lives.


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