Miley Cyrus Snapped Smoking: Right or Wrong?

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Miley Cyrus has a cute new puppy, but an ugly new habit.

While on vacation with Liam Hemsworth in Michigan this week, the singer/actress was photographed multiple times with a cigarette in her hand. Check out the photos here.

Marie Claire Shot

Naturally, Cyrus has a right to smoke. But does she have a responsibility not to?

Katie Couric argued that point on The View this morning, saying - as a mother of a teenager - she is disappointed that Cyrus is setting this kind of example. The star, after all, simply has to know that cameras follow her every move. She also must be aware of the average age of her fan base.

What do you think? Miley's lungs, Miley's problem? Or, come on Miley, an A-list celebrity ought to act like a role model?

Is it wrong for Miley to smoke in public?


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u r look like horable


She has the right to some obviously its her life but she should relize its not good because she is setting a bad example for the young fans out there who will be wanting to follow in her steps...


She can smoke as much she likes, it's her life. She can't live your life for ya.. If Y'all know what I'm saying...
I'm so mad that where ever I look there is only bad things about her...
Fuck The Fucking Medie that make her look like a bad girl..
I smoke to, I'm 18 soon 19 and I have been smoking sence I was like 14 or something.


She is an adult!!!! just because she is famous and is watched daily does not mean she should have to watch what she does. If people dont want their kids following her behavior then keep them inside and disable all entertainment devices.


i have no problem with this cuz its her life. also her life is very stress full and wat some people do to get rid of stress is smoke. i'm still her fan i still respect her. at least shes not cutting herself


ugh y wuld she smoke it gross it is a wrong example ya it is her choice but she picked the wrong choice GROSS!


ugh gross!y wuld she smoke,it is her choice if she wants 2 but she picked the wrong choice.she IS setting a wrong example its just GROSS!


People just can't accept the fact that she's an adult now and no longer on disney channel. It's ridiculous. Smoking is not an issue of right or wrong, it's an issue of health habits and personal choice. And those of you calling her names like slut/whore/skank are only proving how immature, prudish, ignorant, and narrow-minded YOU are.


miley is not a bad person for smoking its her life and she can do wat she wants whenever she wants but its also a bad example for her little kids that follow her and track her im not saying its wrong and im not saying its right i just think she should be a little more concern when paparrazzi is around....AND PAPARRAZZI LEAVE HER ALONE DORKS SHE HAS EVERY RIGHT TO LIVE HER LIFE WITHOUT UR IMPUT SO GTFO OF HER LIFE!!!


Miley can do what ever she wants its her life, she is not setting a bad example, every one trys it, trust I never thought I would have but I did and I smoke ever since I was 16 its not illegal for clebs not 2 smoke, it may help her nerves or help her in genural, just let it go her life not ours.