Michelle McGee Blasts Jesse James as "Pathetic," Penis Size as "Average"

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Michelle McGee is back, and she's dropping some bombshells on Jesse James and Kat Von D.

The face-tattooed woman who slept with James during his marriage to Sandra Bullock told a New Zealand radio station this week that she knew the moment her relationship with the biker was over: when he cried over Bullock's speech at the Oscars.

"What a croc of s--t," she said of that night. "He had crocodile tears. It was pathetic. I sat there and said, 'That guy has been lying to me this entire time.' So we've never spoke since then."

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Referring to James as a "typical pig," McGee also takes exception to his labeling of his main private part as "Vanilla Gorilla." The dude is only "average," Michelle says, and she ought to know: Bombshell is in New Zealand for the Erotica Expo.

As for Kat Von D, who felt the wrath of James' cheating unit? McGee simply says "I told you so" and refers to her as "Kat Von Dude." Ouch!!!

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She is a skank she had no trouble with his size when she was doing him . She's the lowest piece of scum to do what she did in the high light of Sandra's career. She's a scorned mistress that did anything she could think of to get her revenge and she got it by running to the US magazine cash register selling her story for a nice fee. What comes around goes around she'll pay it might takes years but her day is coming


Come on people get a life! Get off these peoples jock and go do or say somethin original for once


I would fuck them both lol


be more specific, how big is average? length/width? bet he is a wild man in bed. id like to see jesse in a porno, his trashy side is kinda hot.


She obviously had no problem with his size when she was fucking him, talk about sour grapes!! And we are talking about a PORN STAR here so average to her is probably 8 inches LOL She's just pissed cuz he probably dissed her. If a girl is really pissed they'll say a guy has a really small dick... if they say "average" they are basically admitting he is not small and they are just plain ol' HATERS Do ya thing Jesse... i bet Kat Von D is a monster in the sack


his size matters now, but not when you were playing apart in wrecking his marriage. Kat is not classy but she's slightly above this piece of trash.


Funny how she is complaining about his size now, but was so in love with him that she had to destroy him publicly when she saw him cry over his wife. So she was willing to accept his size when she thought she might get him or his $. I agree Kat is not classy but compared to Michelle she is top notch.


He is a loser in stupid overalls.


But she has a tattoo on her face. ON.HER.FACE...


They're both disgusting trash and Kat Von D is an attention starved drama queen that needs to stop airing her dirty laundry on LA Ink and start tattooing again.