Michele Bachmann Newsweek Cover: Crazy, Biased?

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Newsweek's latest issue features Michele Bachmann on the cover, and as usual, controversy is accompanying the fiery Republican presidential candidate.

The cover shows the 55-year-old standing against a stark blue background, looking directly into the camera with a wide-eyed, borderline INSANE expression.

The headline advertising the cover story: "THE QUEEN OF RAGE."

Michelle Bachmann Newsweek Cover

Crazy and biased or not ... they could've picked a better photo.

The word "Rage" is not actually used in the article on the Congresswoman, though it does criticize the "radical" nature of the Tea Party Bachmann champions.

Newsweek is already facing conservative backlash for the portrayal - as it has for a recent Mitt Romney cover and its infamous Sarah Palin covers in 2008-09.

Conservatives are slamming Newsweek for making Michele look "crazy" and citing this as proof that the mainstream media is biased against conservatives.

What do you think? Is the above cover biased?


Please get your facts straight. Her district took in hundreds of MILLIONS of federal monies more than they paid out in taxes (citation - http://www.census.gov/govs/cff... Please note that this was 2004, when tax receipts were higher and Federal expenditures were significantly lower. This means that the figures for 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011, when they become available, will only be MORE scathing for Bachmann when they are released. As if that weren't bad enough, she's now asking for additional funds, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. She's not just standing in line for the soup kitchen, she's elbowing her way to the front.


I am independent and for her.she is for cuts she just changed the budget and now her state has a large surplus.0bama is for bigger gov higher taxes and more spending. He is looking bad in every way to me. And the press posting liberals acting so immature and stupid is not helping them in my eyes.


Seriously, who went with Michele to this shoot, some assistant that she plucked off a farm? http://bit.ly/pt3QJu


U GO GO and GO Michele.... Always stand up for what u believe in! Who cares if people Trash U for being real! KEEP THE FAITH & STAY STRONG GIRL!!


I find the claims curious, that Newsweek magazine has the power to make anybody look anything. Did Ms. Bachmann not know that she was being photographed? Did Newsweek puplish the photo without a release? I thought that was SOP in publishing. One of Sarah Palin's covers I thought was rather cute and appealing, little as I cared for her political acumen. What is wrong with an appealing politician? Lord knows we have few enough.


That pig's face would look good with a pie in it, just like Anita Bryant.


Having lived in Minnesota before and during the period of time Bachmann was coming into the conscience of the American people that this cover doesn't do her special kind of crazy justice. The cover picture looks more sane than how she appeared while giving her State of the Union rebuttal.

Wv peach

The Queen of Psychosis! She's a fully loaded fruitcake.


Bachmann has one advantage over any other politician­, whatever you think of her politics. She is a beautiful woman (the smile), and not just for a 55-year-ol­d mom of 5, but for any female, a obvious "10". The only other American politician with the same brilliant charisma in the last century had very different politics from Michele's: FDR in 1932. They both had "The Smile."
She has a natural and dazzling charisma, immediatel­y clear to both friends and political enemies when she first emerged politicall­y 16 years ago at a local MN school board election. This brainy, dark haired beauty is a natural leader.

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