Mercede Johnston: Bristol Palin is a Sociopathic, Manipulative Sex Vixen!

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Levi Johnston's sister, Mercede, continues to absolutely unload on the Palin family in quotes excerpted from her interview with Playboy. She just makes headline writing ridiculously easy ... not unlike getting in Bristol's pants, apparently.

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    "ha ha, Track Palin enlisted in August 2008! nice try, though."

    You're a liar. Track Palin enlisted in the Army on the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. September 11, 2007.

    Here's an Anchorage Daily News article from Sept. 2007, noting his entry into the armed forces.

    And Mercede is a liar too as they do NOT allow drug addicts to enlist. They give you a drug test, and if you fail, you can come back months later. If you still fail, they give you a third and last time. If you fail that one, thats it, you cant enlist. And for those who do enlist, they get random drug tests.

    On top of that, Track got leave from the Army so that he could join his Mother at the convention. So he WAS there.


    I know the Palin's personally. And this story is all just a bunch of bs. Mercedes has and always will be jealous of Bristol and her family. And since when has Todd been whipped? I have never seen him bend over backwards or ask how high he should jump. Todd wears the pants in this family. People who have to talk crap about other people and their families obviously have nothing better to do. They just sit around all day thinking of mean and horrible things to say. Until one day it comes around to bite them in the butt!


    ha ha, Track Palin enlisted in August 2008! nice try, though.


    Sarah forced Track to join the army so he'd be out of the way "when she was at the convention"? He joined in 2007, a year before McCain even picked her. So that story's obvious BS...


    Mercedes may be bashing Bristol,but she is making her own self sound just as bad, by revealing more than we all Needed to know. She does Not deny the fact that she is (toddler) Tripp's aunt. She is Tripp's father's sister, but yet she feels that it is okay to tell the world about Tripp's mother and things that she disapprove about her. If Mercedes is going to pose for Playboy, go ahead and pose, and make her story about herself. The more she belittle and berate Bristol, she is going to end up like Levi, having to invent,instigate, and publicize more Palin stories!!

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