Mel Gibson: Five Years Sober!

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Time flies when you're covering celebrity gossip.

It's hard to believe, but Mel Gibson's infamous DUI arrest was five years ago. It's also hard to believe that it was the last time the actor drank alcohol.

Classic Mel

Sources close to Mel say he's been off the booze ever since that incident, and even celebrated the five-year sobriety milestone with friends last week.

Mel was arrested on July 28, 2006. From that day forward, he hasn't taken a sip of alcohol, according to sources close to him. That's an impressive feat!

Gibson and some pals commemorated the occasion last Friday. Even though it's been a rough couple years, the actor is ultimately grateful for his arrest.

Somehow we doubt he feels the same about the leaking of those Mel Gibson tapes, but hey. Good for him for steering clear of alcohol all this time.


I'm a big Mel fan, and I would've had his baby for nuthin'. LOL.


Seems like his 5 years sober have been some of the worst years of his life. It's like climbing a jagged old mountain with no shoes on. It's great when you make it to the top, but your feet hurt like hell the whole way up. I still remember the first time I saw him. I was watching TV one Saturday afternon back in the '80s, and The Bounty was on. I was totally awe-stricken - that was the most beautiful man I had ever
seen. When the movie was over, I went out and bought my own copy so I could watch him anytime I wanted. I've been a fan ever since. Love you, Mel. My favorite movie of yours is Man Without a Face. It's a mentoring thing, which we need to see more of.


22 years clean and sober and still loving life. go mel my best to you! we all have done a few things that we dont want anybody to know, and it doesn't make it right! but i can live a little better if i stay sober. friend of bill


While I truly think highly of Mel Gibson entertaining the Josie and Teresita Cajas Guatamalan twins I still think anger management could be helpful. Plus I wonder how much he thinks like his father. His dad is at the very least a NAZI holocaust minimizer. BTW Did he truly say he was sorry for his judeophobic tirade few years ago?


That aside, you're absolutely correct - any business deal is understood to have the potential of failure. That's why there's such a thing as "Capital loss" on tax forms. Icon need only show dollars invested against dollars earned and take the write off allowed.


Gibson is still a slime bucket. A drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts.


I wish the media would emphasize the positive and shout out to everyone what 5 years of sobriety means to each individual and to the family that loves him.
Dear Mr. Gibson, Mel, you have an amazing gift to share with us your fans and with your own children who are all wanting the simple, unconditional love you gave them throughout their childhood. I pray you hold Christ's grace and peace close to your heart. My sincere congratulations on 5 years clean and sobor. Karen St.Martin


Congratulations Mel. Our prayers are with you.


Mel, still love ya man, we all have our ups and downs. You showed them some class, you did your time. Damn proud of ya, keep it up. Dan H.


Stay strong Mel. We love you still.

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