Matt Damon on Running For President: No Sir!

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Sorry, Michael Moore. You tried your best.

The filmmaker recently praised actor Matt Damon for standing up for his political beliefs and called upon the star to launch a presidential campaign.

It's not gonna happen, unfortunately.

Matt Damon on Piers Morgan

A photographer recently questioned Damon on whether he has any plans to enter the political world, prompting the actor to reply: "No sir!"

Damon said: "I think there are probably better choices out there."

The Oscar winner supported President Barack Obama in the 2008 elections, but recently admitted he has been disappointed by Obama.

Damon also attended a teachers' rally last month to support changes to standarized testing and tore into a critic of teacher tenure.

Political opinions aside, he will next star with Gwyneth Paltrow and Marion Cotillard in Contagion, which opens on September 9.



Matt, you know your next flick about Lee should put you on top, in more ways than one.


Same thing with his buddy, Ben Affeck. They also are a beautiful couple expecting their 3rd child. That's a true Hollywood marriage
that is NOT of Hollywood. Ben is also intellegent and proved it by marrying America's sweetheart Jennifer Gardner.
He RAN FROM J.Lo back in the day (jilted her twice) so why would he have any interest in her now??? He's happy good loving father and husband. Bravo! Just like his good friend Matt Damon. Apparently these boys had a gr8 upbringing themselves!


No, Matt is an accomplished person with his interests which are by far very intellegent. Why would anyone especially with intergerity
want to have the president's job. Life's too short. Matt makes his money by being an excellent actor, writer, director, etc. A good life with a family he adores. He wants to spend time and parenting along with his wife and teach them along the way. Money
doesn't buy everything; especially the things that count in life!

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