Matt Damon Defends Teachers, Tenure, Lashes Out at Reporter

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Matt Damon is a passionate actor, both on and off screen.


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    SlR- do you think it is right to judge a teacher on testing? Its absolutely insane to say a teacher is good or bad by tests. Some kids are just bad at testing. Not to mention all of the dead beat parents they have to deal with. My wife is a teacher and has had to run after parents to go over important issues about their children. It starts and ends at home, what the teacher does in the middle will not matter if the parents don't care.


    It has been my experience that most of the teachers I had either had a passion to work with children or for the subject they teach. Some of them stay on past retirement age because of the love they have for the job. We have these Ayn Randists running around thinking that is motivated by the $ sign. It doesn't occur to them there are other goals and aspirations in life. Other wise why would a person join the military, become a scientist, join the clergy?


    Why is her question a bonehead question? This is what is wrong with liberals. If you disagree with them they label you as stupid and ignorant. They do not even have the courage to have an intelligent debate about anything. The tenure system and the powerful teachers unions have NOT made education better in this country. Why can't we discuss this problem without being accused of hating the middle class and being ignorant? I happen to be middle class and I just think good teachers SHOULD be rewarded somehow and bad teachers SHOULD be fired. I am sick of people in this country thinking they have some kind of right to keep a job once they get it no matter how poorly they perform.


    Excellent teachers should make a heck of a lot more than what they do and bad teachers should not have jobs. Our education system needs repair and as a nation that change begins with honest and open dialogue. I spent 12 years in public school and there are some really horrible teachers out there. They can and do cause serious setbacks for students. Those teachers should not have jobs. The flip side is that there are many wonderful teachers who inspire and motivate students to excel. The truth is most teachers are somewhere in between and the all make roughly the same salary. Is that fair to the teachers or the students?


    from what i hear, Matt cares. my mom was a teacher for over 33yrs. teachers deserve a higher salary. my mom worked so hard for all those years! though middle class and people that are poor. should have tax cuts.


    Something tells me this reporter might get stuck in the newsroom for quite a while, along with her cameraman. Bonehead questions from both. They should be embarrassed.

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