Lindsay Lohan: Taking Shots at Kim's Wedding?

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Beacon of sobriety and temperance Lindsay Lohan was supposedly throwing it down HARD at Kim Kardashian's wedding reception, witnesses say.

Lindsay attended the bash with her mom Dina and sister Ali. The Kardashians have long been friends with the Lohan family for reasons unknown.

Despite LiLo's claims that she's clean for life after battling addiction and myriad legal woes, "She was drinking and partying hard," an insider said.

"I personally saw her order shots from the bar."

Lohan, Blonde Hair

Mom Dina was sitting right with her daughters as Lindsay enjoyed several drinks, which is totally legal for her to do according to her probation.

Still, with community service and counseling requirements to be met, and having fought alcoholism, you wonder if this is smart - legal or not.

Why we would expect Linds to do anything smart? No idea.



she looks oky


Ummm......when will lilo have her 27th birthday? ...just wondering....


Lindsay Lohan is getting her life back in order.


omg...everyday this girl is in the "news"...leave her alone and maybe she'll get her life together. If every alcholic had every fall of the wagon they made documented by gossip sites relying on "sources" who "saw her with their own eyes" what would we think then? I don't agree with what she does, but it's HER life, not OURS. She didn't decide to be a role model for your children. It's our job to be role models for our children. Attention is attention, no matter if it's good or bad. As long as we pay attention to her, she'll keep doing what she's doing.


look mo mo this is the first time I am posting and Its because I give a dam. I could care less who is marrying whom, that is "their" business. I put on my website address to say who I am and on another note, Hollywood used to make fun of my sister, and I will not tolerate this bashing of Lindsay. Oh, I know some get arrested for "allegedly" driving under the influence when in reality they were under drinking and drugging or so I read somewhere. And no american teenager experiments with none of this, huh? what? maybe Lindsay was busy being a child star and did not get the high school experience and the mistakes to be made there, SO BACK THE "F" OFF lindsay and when she did go try things out, got caught up in the feeling cool, when it was all a lie, the kewl user, was just that a user, cuz when hard times hit, the "fill in the blanks" with the worst word you know, left her to her own demise, dam, that was COLD, opportunist people tend to that, haha


no chance this girl lives till 40


Lindsay Lohan will do whatever she feels like doing. It is apparent that her mother can not stop her.She is an adult. She is not going to read what you write or care what you say freespirit114.You always direct your posts personally to the people you are posting about.As if they will read them and take your advice. To me that makes no sense.You told Kris Humphries to run away from Kim Kardashian.Did he? No. It just makes you look stupid. Just saying.


Such a shame she squanders what talent she has on booze, etc. Many of us would almost kill to have going what she's had going and has tossed away.


She is an adult. If she wants a couple of drinks, that's her business.

Carol worth

We all have our weaknesses. i just hope she "bottoms out" and "reaches up," soon, otherwise it's a life, wasted. Beautiful and talented young girl. Hate to see it.

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