Lindsay Lohan Sues Pitbull Over Disparaging Lyrics

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Lindsay Lohan is suing rapper Pitbull over disparaging lyrics in one of his songs. He does zing her pretty good, but a lawsuit? Get outta town.

The hit song, "Give Me Everything," contains this line: Hustlers move aside, so I'm tiptoein', to keep flowin', I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.

Oooh, that one hurt!

LiLo claims in her lawsuit that "the lyrics, by virtue of its wide appeal, condemnation, excoriation, disparaging or defamatory statements by the defendants regarding the plaintiff are destined to do irreparable harm to the plaintiff."

Yes, a PITBULL SONG is likely to to her irreparable harm.

Lindsay, who LOL-tastically claims she is "a professional actor of good repute and standing in the Screen Actors Guild," is suing under New York civil rights laws safeguarding one's name from being exploited for commercial purposes.

Lindsay Lohan alleges the song causes her "to be associated in connection with defendants" and seeks to halt broadcasting of the song. Good luck.


i wonder is it still goin on? i hope tht bitch loses the case dumb hore!


omq liindszii hasz to get a liife.szerszlyy szweiing ppl iisz not a liife. wtf next thiing we now szhe szewsz usz all for talkiing szhiit bout her :o Lol but everyone hasz a wiill of szpeach the szong diident hurt her iin anyy wayy.ii guesz szhe thiinksz thiisz affected her carrer..waiit wat carrer??the one szhe fuqked up byy herszlef nn wiith the help of boosze an her szpeciial friiend DRUGSZ :P..iitsz no onesz fault szhesz a biicth...GO PIITBULL


No court is going to let her be successful with sewing the rapper. Defamation is not a defense for her because he was stating facts, she was locked up. She needs to get over herself and realize she is a mess, and turn her life around.


The firecrotch lindsey needs drug money so decides to sue over a song. she drinks, does drugs, gets locked up and still thinks she is respected as an actress. what a dumb ass, so what now lindsey you going to sue me too? free speech honey, are you even sober this minute? dont think so. pitbull dont apologize to this dumb ass because she's the one who needs to apologize to the public for being a wreck. my advice to you lindsey is behave like a lady, sober the hell up, go to drug rehab, make your own money and stop trying to sue people now for a living because it's ridiculous. go pitbull and neyo!!!


Yeah Lindsy is pretty dumb for this. Its kinda her own fault, every one knows about her going to jail. Maybe it will teach her a lession before she starts acting all crazy again. Things follow you that you have done in the past, thats why you need to think before you act. And just to add a side note: Im pretty sure there are other songs out there in the world that mention her or talk about the stuff she has done blah blah blah...shes only going after Pittbull because the song got big. duh! Shes a going to laugh when they turn her down and she cries cause shes so "emotionally distraught" lol


Lindsay Lohan Is Fucken Stupidd Who Doesn't Talk Shit Bout Herr She Is Just A Druq Addict But Whateverr.


this must be how she is goint to make her money now by suing everyone who speaks her name. she needs to go away


you'd think people would be a little embarrassed by their behavior. It's time to be strong and embrace who you are. You messed up. Honesty does hurt, but you can't go around suing everyone who mentions your mistakes.


Lindsay Your stupid if it werent for my Pitbull no one would know you still exsisted. he should be charging your ass for the publicity!!!!!


hahahaha really lindsay? really yu dumb bitch!!!! a song isnt killing yur carrer honney is all that drigs you take :) if you really want respect start by showing respect yu dumb bitch! all that drugs nd arrests have damaged your fukn mind!!!

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