Lindsay Lohan Shoots Down Drug Video Report

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Let's be honest, no one would be surprised if Lindsay Lohan were buying drugs on a street corner a la Brooke Mueller. But it didn't happen, says her rep.

Lohan is firing back at reports that she was recently spotted in Venice Beach buying something that looked like an illegal substance in a Ziploc bag.

Lindsay Lohan's publicist, Steve Honig, denies that his client did anything wrong and blames the paparazzi agency that took the video, accusing them of:

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“Knowingly and consciously making inferences about Lindsay that are untrue, and creating a fictitious story to get more people to visit their site."

Who would do such a thing. He continues:

“We were not given a chance to comment on this story before it went up, and no effort was made to gather the facts about what actually occurred."

“When I addressed this, the agency told me 'we're not the New York Times.' They have made a horrific mistake; the worst part is, they know it but don't care."

According to Radar, Lindsay was handed a plastic bag and it indeed contain various rocks, but not of the crack variety. This time, at least! BAM!

Seriously, it was just sea jasper, a meteor, rose quartz and quartz, all legal and all purchased by her pal from a store down the street.


There is nothing wrong with Lindsay's Face? No, Lindsay is not, stop this inflammatory comments, if you have nothing nice to say, dont say it, please, leave Lindsay have the beautiful life she got sidetracked from, belief me, when sometimes, stayin away from the kewl crowd is probably in Lindsay's best interest because she is just too fragile for the fake jealous ass scanks
I hope from this Lindsay learns to only associate with people who are worthy of her beauty inside and out. Its alright to be alone and enjoy your company, cuz if the past is any indication of what will happen if you associate with trash, you will learn spending time alone to center yourself is a self loving act and you will use the time to rejuvenate yourself, and the stone you need is hematite, to deflect bad stuff being sent to you, jewelry is made it in, this way if someone sends you a bad vibe it goes on them haha


Who cares what she was buying? She does this crap to get on the internet so sites like this will post her picture and keep talking about her. She has nothing else going for her right now so she is doing all this useless crap to be seen and sadly it's working.


if she didnt mess around i really believe she wud be an a list actress. Hopefully she can get it togetha n go afta that status


I hope lindsay gets better. She can make a great comeback for herself, go lindsay!


she should take a world vision trip to mogadishu to open her eyes


Look what it has done to her face. SHE.IS.A.DRUG.ADDICT.


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