Lindsay Lohan Would Prefer Partying to Community Service

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Lindsay Lohan would totes rather kick it and party hard with friends - without drinking, obvi - than perform menial community service. Wouldn't we all.

The 25-year-old is reportedly thumbing her nose at her responsibilities and even wants to travel to Europe to party with friends, according to a report.

Instead of doing community service, Lindsay was spotted at Lollapooloza in Chicago over the weekend and the Coldplay concert in L.A. last week.

Next, the star wants to party in Europe with Paris and Nicky Hilton.

$500 Per Hour

Since Lindsay and Paris are friends again, she just wants to hang out!

"Lindsay wants to go to Europe to spend time with Paris and Nicky," says a source. "Lindsay's advisers are telling her it's just not a good idea."

"But, since Lindsay doesn't have any travel restrictions on her, she can travel internationally." She can also drink as much as she wants! Holla!

Lindsay does have a year to comply with terms of her probation, which means doing 480 hours of community service in a certain time period.

She must do 380 hours at a women's shelter, but she's only completed about 40 hours so far, which did not sit well with the judge in her case.

She was also ordered to do 100 hours at the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office, but from what we've read, the star has yet to begin that stint.

Given Lindsay's previous issues with completing various programs, LiLo's advisors want her to hunker down and get it done. Clearly a lost cause.

"The sooner Lindsay gets this done, the better," the insider says.

"Lindsay takes her community service commitment very seriously and is working towards completing it in it's entirety," says a spokesperson.

We'll see if the judge agrees at her next hearing.

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she should go party go drinking go get high. Nobody cares. Shes a lost cause. She wont make it to her 30's. Dina should start planning ger funeral.