Lindsay Lohan Blows Off Pitbull Apology, VMA Invite

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Lindsay Lohan was unmoved by Pitbull's explanation of the hilarious diss of her in his song "Give Me Everything." Or by his invite to the VMAs Sunday night.

Lilo recently sued the rapper because she feels his lyrics are disparaging her name - in the #1 track, he says he's "got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan."

AWFUL, we know. Definite grounds for a lawsuit.

Bleach Blonde Tramp

Pitbull responded that his intention was never to defame her, and if anything, he's helping keep Lohan relevant. But he's not out of Lohan's doghouse.

Sources close to Lohan say she has no interest in going to the VMAs - which Pit invited her to as a show of good faith - and his apology had no impact.

The lawsuit is moving forward, and ridiculous.

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She has every right to sue , why would you say something like that in your song


wtf lohan thiisz law szute ur doiing wount get yuh annyy fansz,onlyy hatersz..ppl talk szmak get over iit.juszt cusz ppl talk bout yuh dount mean yuh have tuh szue themm ..damm dount yuh have a liife o waiit yuh dount got a liife yuh fuked iit up hoee


Yes, lets keep these ppl rich! They are perfect role-models for our children and adults with no commonsense, who are unable to think for themselves. *SMH* Hollywood and its "ppl" are annoyingly daft and bad for the planet.




@Educated Person, Its only liable if aint true. This case will go nowhere fast. I predict this bs will add another couple of years to the time it takes L to get another job in Hollywood. Seriously who would want to work with *that*? Boo to the Hoo.


I can not believe she did that to him, first of all her reputation is horroble, and second she is trash, so, what can she will argue in her defense in a court room?? Then, I think she will suit the news, magazines, papers, etc,etc,etc...because everybody talks bad about her. The truth is that all this riciculous situation, is that she needs money to buy her drugs.


"y'all" need to get an education, it's called libel, and Lindsay has every right to sue. He's a dime a dozen rapper making a profit of her name.


yall think she really shud go 2 the VMA's??!! I think she needs 2 go2 her counseling sessions&do her damn com. Service,sumthn which is loonng over-do!! Oh wait, this is LiLo,she aint gotta do sh*t...


She is an opportunist! She's almost bankrupt- she can't possibly have much money left! Why not?! If she could get a million off if this, why not!? It's not like she's getting millions anywhere else right now.


She should gather her stuff together, even if only for the award night.
And show up in a good state, dressed properly and keep her head high.
Maybe that will call for a new fresh start? Since I'm pretty sure camera's will be flashing in shock of the fact that she showed up!
Lindsay don't behave childish, take this apology and invite from Pitbull like a real adult would!!
If not, then just sue yourself for your stupid action..

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