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weezey was great his clothes tight... wayne is so amazing becuz he can pull off what no one can.. he is diff not scared to b himself.. i think he killed it and his clothes were on point loved the shoes! but to all the haters i diff didnt notice any of you on stage at the vma's.. and you all probably didnt drop a cd last night that is bout to sell thru the roof... instead of hated on him stand up and clap that man is killin the game.. and is doing it with his own style..


I would agree with Darianna...I was thinking the same thing as I was watching....Prison really showed in his act this time.


Lil Wayne was good. The embarassing one was Tyler the Creator. That song was ok, but the video is disturbing, and he got in there acting like a big idiot and was rude to everybody. Maybe he thinks he will never be back. "Black and Yellow" should've won it.




I agree waynes performance was embarrassing to the Black race. I am a huge wayne fan, i love and respect his hustle. Lyrically he is on top of the game but he has lost it. Different is fine but he has pushed it. That outfit is a No No! He needs to Not show his underwear on tv and save all the cursing for the underground cds. I was in shock! That outfit was the worst and WE dont need to be seen in that image.



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