Lil Wayne MTV VMA Performance: Perhaps the Most Ridiculous Thing Ever

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Lady Gaga's performance kicked off Sunday's MTV VMAs. Lil Wayne's ended the show, and was possibly even more ridiculous than anything preceding it.

"Performing" two songs from Tha Carter IV, which comes out today, Weezy wore no shirt, with pants down to his ankles and every other word bleeped out.

From what we've heard, "How to Love" channeled Kanye's 808s and Heartbreak, while "John" featured a full rock-band presentation over Wayne's quote-unquote vocals.

Not that you'd know, thanks to MTV censors, but hey. Watch it here:

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If you don't like his music and you don't like his style, quit paying attention to him! He has NEVER implied that he wants to be a fuckin' role model to your damn kids!! If you want a role model, have them look at BARNEY! If he wants to wear his pants down to his ankles, SO WHAT! You ppl amaze me trying to make these celebrities fit a mold YOU want them to fit! Lil Wayne has been hard core since his FIRST album. He did not hit the scene portraying himself as a bubblegum popstar (like Miley Cyrus did). He came out being who he is and if you can't handle it, TOUGH SHIT! Now BLEEP that!


to hoodgrlswag-- love your comment!! I couldnt agree more!! To all of you talkin crap, look who's on top!? WEEZY BABYY!! Not your sorry ass!.. if you dont like Lil Wayne go f yourself, he's killin it! & always will :) He's making millions while your sitting there complaining about his music. If you dont like it, go watch somthing else. No one is making you listen to his music. Enoughs enough.


Lil waynes influence over young adults is phenomenal. That being said, he speaks to his demographic in ways that many of is who are older cannot always understand. I am from the generation that founded Hip-Hop the genertion that spilled knowledge, enlightenment, self-awareness and the promotion of education and self-respect. The powers that be has found a way to promote violence and drug abuse and gangsterism in todays Hip-Hop music that has mentally crippled so many of our youth. For example the number of youth tattooing their face like lil Wayne. Lil Wayne has made millions so he can do that and not have to worry about a job interview. Lil Wayne and many entertainers like him are used to keep many of our young people in a ignorant slave like state. Not all our youth are gullible like that but many who find themselved outcasts and neglected are the perfect victims.


Awsum beeeep beeep song....NOT Showed total disrespect for all his fans at home!!!


Lil wayne seemed high as hell. Couldn't understand much of how 2 love. He ripped off his shirt looking STUPID. His other song was awsum a huge beeeeepp, beeeeep. Whats the point of singing song that no one can hear. Got a guitar out not play just smash. WTF. Thats so not Art. Lil wayne lost 5 fans from house that night.


I just wanna say lil wayne sucks, and if ur a fan, u suck to, and if u respond to this negatively,u suck even more, thanks


The performance was terrible. Not hatin', just being real. Not one word after "how to love" could be understood. And then he pulled out a guitar for three seconds just to throw it on the floor. Dumb. Jay and kanye killed on their act. Pure skill.


Well ithink wayne killed the stage with the pants situation theres nothing new how many other stars where there pants all the way up look at soulja boy he literally sags all the way to his knees wayne pants wasnt tht LOW ithink tht exaggeration nd yes he did a little bit too much cursing nd i was suprised but who cares because you hear it everywhere nd guess what LADYS ND GENTELMEN HI NAME IS LIL WAYNE....YOUNG MULA BABY !


Yup.....he likes it in the butt!!! So stupid. Can't believe he gets paid to do that crap.


Its a shame that he is the image for ALL young (& older) people who look up to him. They don't even know what they are representing when they dress like that (including lil wayne) if they would only realize the message behind those saggy pants, they would def think twice about dressing like that. He is a great artist but he, or anyone else for that matter, doesn't have to curse so much in the music. Its disgusting and disrespectful to all of us. Artist need to realize u don't have to say f**k every other word to get their point across!!!!!!

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