Lil Wayne MTV VMA Performance: Perhaps the Most Ridiculous Thing Ever

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Lady Gaga's performance kicked off Sunday's MTV VMAs. Lil Wayne's ended the show, and was possibly even more ridiculous than anything preceding it.

"Performing" two songs from Tha Carter IV, which comes out today, Weezy wore no shirt, with pants down to his ankles and every other word bleeped out.

From what we've heard, "How to Love" channeled Kanye's 808s and Heartbreak, while "John" featured a full rock-band presentation over Wayne's quote-unquote vocals.

Not that you'd know, thanks to MTV censors, but hey. Watch it here:

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If lil wayne sucked....his cds wouldnt go platinum


tunechi fuckin killed it.h8rs eat a dick y u mad¿


Critics always talk shit, Weezy killed that performance and the crowd loved him, he is in South Africa now killing it and we fuckin love him if you don't then fuck u


All u people saying Little Wayne is the best must be about 15. he isn't horrible but he damn sure isn't the best. Also if uwant to be took seriously learn to SPELL. Damn, read a fu**in book u dumb little fu**ers.


all yall stfu lil wayne the best n always the best so stfu up and get off eqach oter shittsss for i fqck ytall uhpp on thiz shiittlilllllll fckiiinnnggg waynnneeee thheee fckiinngggg bestestiiiiiiiiiiiii his skinnys was sweet n shoes so stfu to lil wayne haterz.......nuff said


wHat the fuck is wrOng with yOu peOple??? !!! ???


Lil Wayne is the best rapper ever but stay away from the women's pants makes him look like a fag


to Dirty: ha you say ppl were just as loud with Kanye & Jay-Z performance compared to Lil Wayne's and rightfully so, they killed it!!, but then again you also gotta look at, you have Kanye's fans and also Jay-Z fans cheering at the same time.....they should have been louder than Lil Wayne's if they are really as good as you think, Lil Wayne is 1 man but he still had the crowd as if he were two?! Ha. Enough said. Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive!!


i tink all haters should just take a map get into a car, drive straight to hell, or go masturbate wit a pocupine. Nuff said.


Shit You cake up ! He's DA BEST THAT'S ALL !

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