Levi Johnston Pulls Out of Mayoral Race

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Levi Johnston has ended his campaign for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

At least he learned something from Bristol Palin. As much as pulling out sucks at the time, if you don't think ahead, you risk life-altering consequences.

Such is the case with the mayoral bid. Johnston didn't want to demean himself or the office running for a job he lacked the interest (and skills) to do.

The Levi Johnston

"He isn't running," his manager Tank Jones told Radar Online. "Levi doesn't want the office of the Mayor to be a joke so he's not going to do it now."

"He's not going to run right now because there are a lot of issues he would need to study up on, and he thinks that this isn't the right time for him."

The 21-year-old former boyfriend of Bristol Palin and father of their son Tripp is "focusing on his book that is coming out September 20," Jones said.

Sad, but sometimes you have to look at the big picture. Besides, for your up-to-date Palin-mocking needs, you still have Mercede Johnston in Playboy.

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that she did, in fact, abuse her power. seems like that's really the beiggst issue she's facing right now. oh well. i'm sure as limbaugh gains experience he'll learn how to ask questions that actually matter. wait, what? he's been doing this for over two decades? shoot. well, maybe he just forgot.


Well if this uneducated, young dumb squirt knew how to pull out of Bristol Palin, I'm sure he'd be pumping gas if he was lucky. Oh Please, A BOOK? -what to slander the family that we already know are self-serving rednecks too. Blame McCain for opening up this clad of worms!


@ freespirit114:
I agree with your comment,I could Not have said it better.
What I do Not understand is Levi writing a book, as if he hasn't told enough lies. He can Not even use seven words together in a sentence. I can easily believe that any book that is written that credit him as the writer would be intended to be glanced at in the book store and put back on the shelf. Who knows he just might surprise some of us, backing away as a candidate for mayor shows how much he has in common with his former almost mother in law. He learned more from her than he appears willing to give her credit for. Bristol has moved from Alaska to get away from both of them. PEACE!!


The Republicans hate him and now the Democrats hate his so 94% of the country hates him.


Well, at least he knew he was not fit for the job and was totally unqualified. Just wish his former almost mother in law, Ms. Palin, would admitt the same regarding a run for president.

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