Lee Grace Dougherty: "Gang" Member AND Wannabe Nude Model!

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The lady of the Dougherty Gang stripped down for a hardcore XXX photo shoot just days before she began her now-infamous robbing/shooting spree.

Lee Grace Dougherty, 29, was a professional exotic dancer, so it's not too stunning that she was approached with an explicit, nude photo opportunity.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Asked if she would waitress at events hosted by friends who run poker games, and pose nude for some of the pals' promotional materials. 

We know. We're freaked out as well.

Lee obliged. It's NSFW, and if you prefer ogling women who are attractive and/or sane, and/or not attempted cop killers, you may want to skip this.

The Dougherty Gang, arrested in Colorado the day before yesterday, embarked on their terror trek following the August 1 sentencing of Ryan Dougherty.

Ryan was set to register as a sex offender and serve 12 years probation for sending 400 sexually explicit texts to an 11-year-old girl he met online.

A person connected to the photo shoots says Lee posed for some of the photos as recently as July 29, less than a week before her first bank robbery.

Days later, Lee became an overnight celebrity outlaw when she and her brothers allegedly shot a police officer, robbed a bank and became fugitives.

After a crazy gun battle with police, in which Lee was shot in the leg, all three of the siblings were taken into custody. No more porn/poker shoots.


She is kinda hot in a bad girl way! would love to bone her she is probably a good time!


These "kids" were monsters in the worst way! They should be locked up for life! I doubt that any rehab would work with these terrible 3s To far gone! As for the baby she's better off not ever knowing who her father is! Don't tell me about parental rights and family respect in this case! Respect is earned! Not Bestowed! True especialy with these sicko sociopaths!!

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