Lawrence Taylor Accuser: Pissed at Pimp

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Lawrence Taylor's underage prostitute is pissed at Rasheed Davis.

Lashing out against her former pimp and begging the judge to throw the book at the sex trafficker, she spoke out at a press conference today - bolstered by the incomparable Gloria Allred - in front of a federal courthouse in NYC.

Rasheed Davis Mug Shots

Rasheed Davis and his NFL legend client.

The girl, now 18 but underage at the time Taylor was arrested for rape, believes that Rasheed Davis deserves "the maximum sentence in prison."

According to Gloria, that's 10 years, given that he pleaded guilty to allegations he used her in the sex trafficking ring that Taylor was snared in.

It's not likely he'll get that much time, but cross your fingers. For his part, Taylor avoided prison time but had to register as a sex offender.


so they already got taylor but the pimp hasnt been sentenced yet? He shuda been first and then all the johns. Even if he does get 10yrs he would be out before then. So if u force a girl into prostution looks like you dnt really get in that much trouble. Eff that it shud be a 30-life sentence.


"Underage prostitute"? Wrong on several levels: 1) Taylor was arrested for raping this minor, 2) Rasheed Davis was convicted of trafficking this minor, 3) A minor cannot by law consent to have sex with an adult, 4) She's obviously a victim so why continue to victimize her in a piece that sounds as though you're cheering for the demise of the perpetrator? Very odd. Think before you write, please.

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