Lara Marsden: Identified as Brad Pitt Mystery Woman, Driving Angelina Jolie Nuts

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The "truth" about Brad Pitt’s mystery girl has been revealed.

According to OK! Magazine, anyway. Whatever that's worth.

Her name is Lara Marsden, the tabloid reports, "a sexually provocative Brit" who’s serving as his assistant on the set of World War Z in England and Scotland.

Serving as his assistant - and driving Angelina Jolie bonkers!

Lara Marsden Picture

Who is Lara Marsden? Is that even her in this pic? We aren't sure, to be honest with you. But that's what people are saying. Take it with a boulder of gossipy salt, THGers.

It's no secret that Angelina wears the pants in the relationship, but when it comes to the set of Brad's movies, there's only so much she can do.

If there's a sexually provocative assistant around, her jealousy has no choice but to fester. Cue the obligatory breakup rumors by mid-September.



I think Angie and brad meant to be together. No one can separet them or get between them. I believe they are a soul mate.


One of the things about working as a freelance journalist is that you realise the crap publications desperately peddle to try and sell their rag. I’ve worked with Lara on set. She was one of the Assistant Directors – and you know what? Part of their role is to look after the actors. Get food, hold drinks, carry umbrellas, take coats. Simple. Yes, she may well have been assigned to look after Brad. Yes, she’s pretty and friendly, but she’s also just doing her job. OK's article? And all the others that have sprung up around her? Total utter bollocks. End of.


A man can only take so many children, after all. Not surprised if he moves on, although I'll admit I'll be kind of sad. I liked Angie and Brad together. Much more than Jen and Brad. The best thing that ever happened to Jen's career was Brad leaving her. She never would have gotten the face-time, or the rise to stardom, without it. Besides, Jen milked that cow for all it was worth. ... And I'm ranting. Anyway! Although I wouldn't be surprised if Brad cheated on Angie, I don't think he'd do it with an assistant. Even a slutty one.


haha angie HOW DOE'S IT FELL.Brads a douchbag.TEAM JEN


i dont believe everything i read, but if this is true angie is way better looking then this girl. so if brad stoops this low ang can do better


Yep, I went to school with her lol


One word....Karma!


im sure there are tons of women around him that would sleep with him, i dont see how this girl is any different.


Once a cheater always a cheater! He is a pig Angie got all the blame but it was more his fault then hers. He cheated on Jen on Angie now he will cheat on Angie with the next hoe.

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