Lady Gaga VMA Performance: Jo Calderone Rants, Sings "You and I"!

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Little Monsters already know Jo Calderone is Lady Gaga's alter ego. What they didn't know before last night's Video Music Awards is that the two were an item!

"My name is Jo Calderone," the 25-year-old said, showing up in drag as part of her wild, extended pre-performance monologue. "Lady Gaga? She left me!"

Fully committed to the character for several minutes, smoking a cigarette as he/she addressing the crowd, "Jo" grew more and more animated ...

"[Lady Gaga] is f**king crazy!" he/she said. "For example, she gets out of the bed, puts on the heels. She comes out of the bathroom dripping wet and she's still got the heels on ... And what's with the hair?

"At first it was sexy, but now I'm just confused. I think it's really f**king great that she's such a star and all ... but how am I supposed to shine?"

There you go. Finally, Lady Gaga sat down and belted out a soulful rendition of "You and I." Brian May from Queen came on stage and joined her.

What did you think of her performance? Was it great to see Jo Calderone in person like that, or did the gag get old? Certainly original, right?


Illuminati bitch! Them fucking illuminati people need to be out of sight! Stupid Gaga and Jay-Z, Marylin Manson and many more! You filth pigs and liars and cheats, screw you!


I think gaga uses too much of the today's problem about gays not being accepted. While it may seem caring, there are other dangerous stuff she brings in that are more damaging in our society than anyone bullying...
I have nothing against gays, and it's okay for people to be accepted, but gaga takes it to the extreme. If we're not careful, we're letting pornography and other dark stuff at a public level. I fear for the future of young ones.
Someone has to do something about it! The truth is, it's straight away addictive, just like hard drugs!
You watch pornographic images once, and your mind is addicted to it straight away. Those involved in pornography have unstable personalities and afterwards, it's drugs and violence that we have to face in our streets.
It is proven that pornography leads to violence and crime. I'm no gaga hater, it could be anyone else doing it, I still would disagree with what they represent.


this was amazing. ive been a monster forever so im always impressed by Gaga! I love Jo! this was stunning how do you NOT like this its amazing she was so into character she has a fake dick in those pants haha


I used to love Lady Gaga but her antics & everything has become too much. Attention whore is more like it. Her alter ego was ok in the beginning then he became rude & annoying. I didn't appreciate the way he distracted Britney Spears when she was trying to accept her award. He should've let her have her few minutes to truly accept her award rather than staring at her strangely and scaring her. I'm not a huge Britney fan either, but she deserves more respect then what she was given.


I thought her performance was amazing and a great way to open the show. If you watch the "You and I" music video,she is the boy character in that video. That is why she dressed up like that to continue the character. I think she's amazing and extremely talented!


I think his/her performance was as always, original and amazing. To hold character all the way through the show was definitely impressive. You never know, what is next, but you can bank that it's going to be entertaining. As far as foul language, Does anyone remember last years host of the VMA's? Chelsea Handler?? Now tell me about foul, that "woman", and I use the word loosely, Is the foulest, ugliest,most egotistical, low class drunk, to ever slime her way onstage. And who/what is she? Obviously not an entertainer. Her claim to fame is usually who's she's screwed that week.


I was so disappointed! Lady gaga looked like a drugged out greaser. I was not impressed. She got dissed by Britney because she looked so scary. I think that was a sloppy act! She was obviously really screwed up. Gaga is one of my favs but gotta say that was a total train wreck.


Haha Justin's face was like what the fuck lmao :D


Thank you for an amazing preformance Jo Calderone. wish it could have been a duet between you and Lady G... Maybe, next year.


She did an amazing performance on the VMA's. And what shocked me is that when I first saw her I thought it was some random cute guy, but then i realized it was lady gaga. She makes a hot guy.

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