Lady Gaga VMA Costume: Total Junk

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Lady Gaga certainly did not leave anything in the bag in her bid to become Jo Calderone at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles Sunday.

The pop star didn't just wear men's clothing and fake stubble. Lady Gaga took dressing in drag to the extreme, wearing a prosthetic penis, even.

Seriously, she was. Talk about getting into character.

Lady Gaga-Jo Calderone

Perhaps that was the impetus behind the revelation that Gaga/Jo used to pleasure himself to Britney Spears when he was a kid. He/she didn't say.

"I am from New Jersey," Jo Calderone said. "My family is from Palermo, Sicily. I'm not a singer or a model or an actor or anything. I am just a guy."

A guy who always keeps things interesting, for sure.


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I don't agree with abusive language towards lady gaga or anyone.It isn't the way to approach a matter.
I however would love to say that I hope as Lady Gaga, and any other public person, to please consider the responsibility you have, that will affect our society for good or bad.
As you may have genuine intentions, I hope to bring to your attention, that sexual images should not be encouraged in public. There are young ones out there, who look up to you guys and we parents, wish that they'd have celebrities that bring clean images, honesty, moral values... This society is in great need for it. Our society is going down! You just have to view the rate of alcohol, drug, teenage's pregnancy, crime, behavior. Music has a great influence in our society!
Pornography degrades people, and brings their confidence low. It also leads to other ugly stuff, that's the sad truth guys. It's worse than drugs, as it's very hard and a very long process after to get it out of the mind!


Lady Gaga belongs on sesame street .


She belongs on sesame street .


i think it is wonderful all the stuff she does for charity. But, this stunt was not funny or cool, it was just plain sad. People are starting to lose respect for her, which is a shame since she is so talented.why doesnt she let the music speak for itself.or is that not enough?


was she channeling Ralph Macchio in the Outsiders?


Now oppinions come and go for we all have them but i for one am so proud to call myself a little monster. People in this world dont know how to except things that arent like them so they ridicule them with fake names on the web or spread rumors but they never say this to the face. well i would like to say that Gaga has saved my life quite a few times because of the plain and simple fact that she supports the out casts for being who they are. She was one herself and the fact that she helps and is so in tuned with her fans is amazing. you can ridicule the way she dresses or the way she acts because it is not "common" but how much money did she raise for japan in just 48 hours? how many charities does she support? when does the woman even have a day off? she does all that she does for her fans...which is something that this monster will always appreciate. PAWS UP!


""My family is from Palermo, Sicily. I'm not a singer or a model or an actor or anything. I am just a guy." " And yet, everyone could still figure out who you were. This is a bigger cosplay fail than Garth Brooks's.


How sick does Gaga need to become before people stop paying attention to "IT?"


Flash back# to the VMA audiences reaction to her performance.Completely bewildered! She tries so hard to be percieved as this great artist, but in the end everything she does is JUNK. There is no real inspiration behind any of it.