Lady Gaga Sued For Ripping Off "Judas"

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According to a singer named Rebecca Francescatti, Lady Gaga's hit song "Judas" is a total rip-off of her 1999 song called ... wait for it ... "Juda".

Rebecca is suing Gaga in federal court, and claims the similarities between the two songs are not a coincidence. Her theory behind that claim?

Her former bass player, Brian Gaynor, is now employed by the music company that authored 17 songs for Gaga's most recent album, Born This Way.

"Though the songs are different styles, the composition is the same and the chorus is the same melody," said an attorney for Rebecca Francescatti.

"[Rebecca] is seeking recognition for what she created." Francescatti, who sings under the name Rebecca F., is suing Gaga for unspecified damages.

No comment from Lady Gaga's camp as of yet.

Seems a bit frivolous to us, but you decide. Listen to a snippet of "Juda" (above) and compare it to the Lady's video (below) and see what you think:

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Your post is very isretenting. I've read your blog for few days now and I trully enjoy your blog. Thank you for your great work!


She is very weird and funny at the same time


Um, wow, those two songs sound nothing the fuck alike. The posters who are hating are obviously just agree because they dislike Gaga. Get over yourself, guys.


Taylor Swift is the only one who writes her own songs..not steal or copy from anyone ...taylor is the her like hell


The two songs have absolutely nothing in common but the name.


As for me lady gaga should stop useing other people's looks like macdona n d rest of them.i love her songs but dnt like her looks


While I agree that the songs have a lot in common, I don't see it as such a big deal... I think most pop songs these days resemble some other pop song and it's very hard to tell to what degree someone has been borrowing and what's original. I don't get these lawsuits coz most of the time nothing comes out of them anyway, they're just way too hard to prove! Anyway I thought "Born this way" had only a slight resemblance to Madonna's "Express Yourself" while tons of people thought it was a rip-off. So I guess it's in the ear of the listener as well.


I don't like this bitch at all. But in her own copycat ways she is an artist. The songs. Well. Many celebs have been sued over and over again by people who claim they stole from them. So it's nothing new.Madonna has been sued a gangload of times.


wtf rebecca's song doesnt sound anything like lady gaga's judas, so they have the same name, so what?


@Rachel the first 5 of us have names. And we know a song copied when we hear it so get lost

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