Lady Gaga in Drag as Jo Calderone: The Return!

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Gaga, is that you? Oh yes!

The singer has resurrected her androgynous alter ego, Jo Calderone, for the cover of her new "You and I" single. Would you have even guessed that's her?

We have to say, Jo is looking even less like her than the previous Lady Gaga drag photos he appeared in. You can see it's her face, but wow. Check it out:

Lady Gaga in Drag
Lady Gaga as Jo Calderone

You can sort of picture Jo on a stoop in Gaga's natve Upper West Side.

Lady Gaga created Jo Calderone, a model and her drag alter-ego, last summer. He/she is a slick, cigarette-smoking street tough with an attitude.

"You will never find what you are looking for in love, if you don't love yourself. #You&ISingleCover," the Mother Monster proclaimed on Twitter.

She promised to release the single's music video when she hits her 1,000th tweet. She's currently at 992, so it shouldn't be too much longer.

No word if Jo appears in the video as well.

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First off if gaga was acting al pacino from scarface or carlito's way and if it was scarface she would have said tony montana and she would've been wearing a suit. But al pacino is a great actor lady gaga is an amazing artist that's all that matters


She looks totally like a guy, If i didn't know this was gaga, I wouldn't have a clue. She looks great as Gaga or Calderone, I think she looks better as a woman though.


I would definitely go lesbian for Jo Calderone... hot!
(and that's not saying drag has anything to do with sexual preferences, I'm just saying as a woman, I'd want to do things with Jo Calderone! And Lady Gaga, for that matter)


Lady Gaga/Jo Calderone looks great as either a man or a woman. And since when does drag have anything to do with gay or bi? You all are a bunch of haters, let people be who they want to be!!!!! You forget, she was born this way, Jo is her expression of that song.


lady gaga looks like al pacino here, but it's better than she goes outrage dressed woman


People with - comments are just some jealous bitches.. :D GAGA is a 1st class BITCH but you are the one left on the streets She looks beautiful either way


Drag doesn't always mean gay. I hope everyone knows that. Plus I don't understand why people think she's ugly. She not your classic beauty but she's far from being ugly. The reason she doesn't dress normal is because she doesn't want to. What you think of her fashion taste or looks, doesn't matter to her. She doesn't need you approval. She's a extreme artist and she loves it.


@ Laura Corn...
What does this have to do with gays? She can't just dress up?
Plus you obviously don't know much about her because she does A LOT for the gay community.
K Bye.


God, you people are ignorant! She doesn't live to please YOU!!


She definitely looks better as a man than as a woman...she should be a man!