Lady Gaga Attends Britney Spears Concert, Crowd Goes Berzerk

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In a display of star power no episode of Jersey Shore can match, Lady Gaga took in Britney Spears' Femme Fatale concert Saturday night in Atlantic City.

This wasn't lost on Spears, who announced it to the audience, saying, "I have a very special guest tonight... Lady Gaga is here." The place went bonkers.

Gaga, sitting up front in the floor section, stood and waved and a made a heart sign with her hands. Britney then hearted her right back. *Sniff*

Watch Britney announce the Mother Monster to the crowd:

Gaga, who was double-fisting drinks for much of the night, got on her feet and did a little fist-pumping during Britney's new single, "I Wanna Go."

Later, during a break in the concert, Gaga accidentally stole the show when the crowd started chanting her name and rushing over to snap pics.

Not that Britney minded sharing the spotlight one bit.

The pop star praised her #1 fan on Twitter later, writing "So amazing to have the beautiful @LadyGaga at the show in AC tonight. Love you girl."

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nice move from lady gaga ,,, she said early that britney spears is one of her biggest idol in pop world ,, and she taught her how to be fearless ,,,''vma 2011'' ... and thats right maddona was the pop queen and then britney spears and now i hope gaga will take the title ...


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whaddayou mean, Gaga was only there to watch (i.e. check out the competition), it was Rihanna who really supported Britney & let her sing on one of her own hits!


Nelly - "It was slut night." You're the one who said Kanye West is a "talent". LOL So these two who can out-perform him in a closet are sluts, but Kanye who is a whiny jerk is a talent. ROFLOL


It was slut night.


Thats great GAGA giving another artist support it doesn't matter how talented Brit is.Gaga can do this but you will never catch other singer divas supporting other artists.Gaga also loves her fans and has shown them kindness unlike other women singers.


^Gosh! I'm not at all a huge fan of Spears,but it's not all about vocals,k?She's a significant pop artist and you can't deny that!I love Gaga way more and I appreciate her for showing respect to her competitors!


I love you Gaga, but you just lost alot of points from me. You attended a britney spears concert. One of the most non singing non dancing non talented bitches on the planet. You couldnt find anything else better to do in atlantic city.