Kris Jenner Demands Grandchildren!

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One thing has been made clear on Keeping Up with the Kardashians this season: Kris Jenner is a controlling, whining attention hog with a bladder problem.

She also enjoys butting into her children's personal lives, making her opinion clear on the state of their relationships and their uteruses. She admitted as much to Us Weekly yesterday.

"I would love more grandchildren," Kris said. "Mason is the love of our lives, and he is so much fun, but there's only one Mason to go around. It would be nice if we had some more."

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Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom might have a child one of these days, but the former appears to enjoy talking about the possibility more than actually going through with it. Still, the outcome is in God's hands, not in her private parts.

"I would love all of my children to experience having children on their own," Kris says. "I think going through that process of being pregnant and giving birth, everybody should, if you can and you're blessed."

Seriously, kids. Mommy needs another set of newborn photos to sell to the tabloids.


To Chele: Why would you refer to procreation of humanity as breeding? Human beings are not dogs and having the ability to create a life with someone you love is a beautiful aspect and because of your mother and father, you are here today! Whether you knew your parents or not, because of your mother's egg and father's sperm, you have the chance to sit on the internet and disrespectfully dehumanize the process of creating life.


Talking about your personal lives on tv is not ideal. You have to be conscious of what you say or do on air especially for people's viewing and considering the influence it has on the society. There are things you ought not do on screen. I do love your reality show but the negative aspect of your reality show is just too much. Kris Jenner, you ought to be more supportive and advisable to your children instead of just asking of too much from them. And for the society, I think we should more give advise than critics cause nobody is perfect. Kudos to you all.


kris you need to get over yourself let them live there lifes aasnd you live yours


Chele if you do not want Kris to bore you then do not watch the show.What do you mean when they are not breeding? Only Kourtney has one child. Just because they publicly talk about their lives on tv does not mean it is okay to criticize them for the way they live their lives.That is their business.


you do not get birth defects from stds.And it is no ones business anyway how many grandkids Kris Jenner has.Prenatal care screens for any potential problems. These posts are getting more and more stupid people writing their nonsense.


Kris Jenner has raised a family of sexually promiscuous people with loose morals. The chances of having grandchildren with birth defects from untreated STD's is great. She should be happy to keep her kids out of jail or hospitals and not get too greedy about having grandkids. They could conceivably be bigger messes than those children of hers.


No, Roxie,how about YOU STFU because I am entitled to my opinion as much as you are, and you are nasty and I don't care if you don't agree with me so that is your problem, and why not grow up and get a life? How they make their money is none of your business and just because you don't agree with me is no reason to be hateful and rude.


OK,noonesbusiness, how'bout this:STFU yourself.They're the ones always putting every intimate detail of their personal lives out there for public consumption, you know. That's how they make thwir money and what they are being paid to do.Ever think of that? No, I didn't think so.


Anything else anyone else out there can do just for you, Kris Jenner, you loud hambeast/hopeless stage mother?Does this woman ever, ever just STFU? I think her children are performing a public service when they are NOT breeding. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I've had more than my fill of the Kard-assians and their desperate, classless publicity grubbing.Please, Kris, do not bore me anymore.Some of us liked it a whole lot lot better before you and your brood of show-offs were in the spotlight slutting it up all over the place.


If your telling your business to millions of viewers around the world then your business is gonna get talked about simple as.. Theres no point going in on the defensive nothing is off limits with these slores even having sex!

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