Kim Kardashian Wedding Reception Details: They First Danced To...

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Kim Kardashian did not take our advice. She and Kris Humphries did not share their first dance to any of our recommended singles.

Instead, Robin Thicke serenaded the couple to a blend of "Angels" and Let's' Stay Together," according to Ken Baker of E! News, who attended the entire event.

Pre-Wedding Day
On His Wedding Day

What other key details can we report from the festivities? Learn more about the marriage ceremony HERE, watch E! at 6 p.m. for special coverage and consider the following, vital reception tidbits:

  • Kim changed into two more dresses, both designed by Vera Wang.
  • Multiple members of The New Jersey Nets were in attendance, which actually required permission from the NBA due to that league's lockout.
  • Wolfgang Puck catered a meal that included buffalo mozzarella and heirloom tomato salad; a choice of hand-formed agnolotti with sweet corn mascarpone and summer truffles, or roast chicken with Yukon Gold potato puree, caramelized brussels sprouts and summer truffles. We feel like you need to know these things.
  • Kendall, Kylie, Khloé and Kourtney all eventually changed into matching white tracksuits.
  • Earth, Wind & Fire played "September."
  • Following the cutting of a multi-tier, chocolate and vanilla cake, a deejay took over the music duties and the party lasted until around midnight... when the fire marshal arrived and shut it down because the neighbors complained about noise.

Visit the official E! News website for more information and listen closely: somewhere, Ray J is crying...

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