Kim Kardashian to Korner Market on Sex Tape?

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Hurry up and get your copy today, folks! The Kim Kardashian sex tape may soon be off the market.

An anonymous individual is reportedly trying to "completely remove" all material associated with Kim Kardashian Superstar, the amateur porn Kim made with Ray J in 2007 that kickstarted her lucrative career as a... professional celebrity.

All material involving Kim Kardashian, that is. Ray J? Eh, take him or leave him, the person Kim clearly hired says.

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

"I was approached by a private party who has asked us about looking into the possibility of acquiring all rights of the Vivid, 'Kim Kardashian Sex Tape,'" a letter to Vivid Chairman Steve Hirsch reads. "The party we represent does not intend to distribute or broadcast the 'tape,' but hopes to completely remove it from the market."

The document concludes: "We would purchase any other footage you may have control of that involves Ms. Kardashian."

Kim does have $18 million in her bank account now as a result of her wedding to Kris Humphries. What else is she gonna do with it, start a college fund for future kids? Please. Some things are more important.

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team me What Kim does is her business not yours.You arethe nasty bitch so get over it. If you do not like her too bad

Team me

Beryl... you are comparing pretty girls to a whore who made a sex tape to get famous because she's a talentless nobody.
If this is true, I hope Vivid declines. Nasty bitch shouldn't have put a sex tape out there. No one will ever forget the reason why she is "famous," so she might as well just get over it.


Kim is trying her best to fix something she regrets.. why is everyone so negative about it? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone! (you people that said bad things about someone you don't even know are pitiful!)


Well, Kim Kardashian thinks she can be treated as royalty, as she felt like a princess on her wedding day. The news also suggested that the Kardashian sisters are the closest to American royalty as they come. Please! The delusion spreads as Kim Kardashian was compared to Catherine Middleton. Give me a frigging break! The Dutchess would have never asked as stupid as making a sex tape. The Dutchess of Cambridge has class. Kim Kardasian, well...craving for celebrity and money? That's more like it.


Why make such a big deal about it?! So, Kim K. fooled around with other men? Guess what? Kim K. is super feminine (you don't get those curves by not having the right hormones!), she's a romantic, she likes men a lot, she's dated quite a few, and married 2 of them. Almost ALL very attractive, outgoing women have dated several men and much more before they marry!! Surprise!!! In fact, she had been married & split with a mean spouse before that video even came out--poor thing!
I truly hope Kris Humphries is a MUCH better man for her across the board!! She likes men and they like her...we get it! It's the same for young attractive women all over!

John e

I sure do not know why people say she is a super star.Super star of what?She got her start when her father took care of oj.Other wise she is nothing.Jenner is nothing 2.


destroy it.


It's already on the internet, which means it is available to everyone who wants to wa5ch a reasonably pretty girl give up a (let's be honest) mediocre fuck, everywhere, for free, forever. It's not like all her gears are turning anyway. Just hurry up and start doing porn already, professionalky.


classic case of closing the barn door after the horse has bolted.


Y the hell is she spending this mans money on something so more money to the very man who put the video up on his websites (steve hirsch)....she is the one that let ugly ass ray j film her while he got it in so let her deal with the outcome instead of using mr. Humphries cash on something she could have avoided!!! Stupid rich girl with NO brains!

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