Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Views: On the Rise!

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Kim Kardashian got married to Kris Humphries on Saturday, and while some reacted with tears, others with smiles and most sane people with spells of vomit, millions took another approach:

They visited KimKSuperstar dot com, the official website of Kim's naked home video with Ray J. According to TMZ, approximately two million users flooded the URL over the weekend, a major increase from the 300,000 uniques that typically ogle the porn clips each month.

Considering this tape is the sole reason Kim was able to pocket $18 million from the wedding, she should clearly open up her wallet a bit for her former partner, shouldn't she? After all, no one would be talking about her these days if she hadn't opened up her legs for him.

In non-sex tape video news, check out the sneak peek at Kris and Kim's wedding reception above.

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you are a thug like you call them bo bo witch


you are too haters.and saying fuck you all does not change anything. Of course you say that because you have nothing intelligent to say because you are a thug lime you call them.


We are not haters, we just don't like to see dumb whores selling theirselves. They only make money for self seeking reasons because they are fucking ass holes. I use to like Bruce but he is just as silly as my fucking goat! Fuck You all!


U r a bloody bastard together wid ur hol family u r a banch of useless fools tryin 2 distort d society wid ur fame n reality shows..a piece of advce find a real job!! Dont depend on ur luks and body..breasts implants and facials wont work on you wen u turn 45..

Team me

Her haters don't make her famous, dumb fuck. And her haters sure as hell aren't jealous. We could all easily be in her place with a little plastic surgery and a loose vagina. The only people making her famous are her retarded fans who actually pay attention to her. I don't think she's getting paid for how many people come on this site to wonder how a good for nothing waste of air skank like her got so famous, is she?
God, I can't wait til those people are as irrelevant as Paris Hilton is now. I just hope that when they finally are replaced, the person replacing them actually has some sort of talent besides making sex tapes.


Kim may not be dumb, but she certainly a whore. Media, sexually or otherwise.


If one is desparate enough to purchase and/or watch this thing, don't be stupid enough to pay for the video, it can be found free on the torrent sites.


@thetruth5 & ihebulu nobody is jealous. i'm sure more people are annoyed as hell at this heffa and her family being every fucking where for no reason. the only thing ihebulu can say about her is that shes beautiful. shes pretty and? none of her is even real so what does that say about true beauty? people get irritated at ovreexposed people and she is definitely overexposed. and she doenst even do shit. shes famous for no reason at all. the only thing i can give her credit for is her ability to stay in the spotlight and be a professional attention whore. other than that why does she have fans? i dont understand how people tune into that stupid show religiously and look up to her. what is there to look up to. she literally does nothing


She os not a dumb whore James but you are a jerk:-C


@ ihebuluscholarstica, i sooo agree wit u,ppl hate on her & her fam quite often,but it sounds like they ALL wanna b her so bad. They r makin her even more popular. They shud jus face the facts, yes,she did a sex tape(as alot of ppl did n hollywood), & yes she makes more $$ than the websites itself,put 2gether. I kno Kim is say'n:"HATE ON"

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