Kim Kardashian Sex Tape to Sell For...

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It's safe to assume no one would pay for the rights to the Kim Kardashian music video. Seriously, that thing is a joke.

But Vivid Entertainment Chairman Steve Hirsch has confirmed to TMZ that, yes, a mysterious buyer is trying to remove the Kim Kardashian sex tape from the open market. Would he give the video up, like Kim gave up her precious flower to Ray J and then acted like it wasn't a PR ploy all along?

Yes, for a high price.

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Still

"Based on its long term value, it looks like $30 million would be a starting point for a discussion on all of the rights," Hirsch told the site, adding that he has "no idea" if Kim is behind the offer, like Ray J was behind her, thrusting, during key moments of the tape.

We'll keep readers apprised of this negotiation, but we want to know: How much would you pay for these rights?


Big Dave you are a big pig.. Just shutup. You obviously got sick pleasure put of watching that tape


Kim is bueatiful, but she looks fake and artificial and i cant belive what she did.


My absolute favourite part of Kims sex tape is when Ray J shoved his d!ck up Kims a$$ Kim looked like she was in soooooo much pain but she never told Ray J to stop she was like oooh Ray J shove it up harder push it harder baby push it harder Kim looked into the camera all helpless while Ray J plowed Kims a$$ to shreads the look on Kims face was priceless!


You have diarrhea of the mouth aniamalu jennifer. you do not know when to STFU. Mind your own damn business.


kim whoredashian is a cheap porn star. she doesnt want her kids if she wl ever get one to see her shameless wanna be famous and greedy mum been rammed by my black brother thats why. shame on ur fake ass and boobs.


Sometimes when you see all this exposure. It seems to be disrespectful to oneself and family. Therefore beauty is only skin deep. And inner beauty is lessoned. Kinda like "Shallow Hal".


The term hater is completely taken out of context when referring to Kim K, unless you are a wannabe porn star or a wannabe whore you cannot hate on Kim
Freespirit14 I agree with ur post!!


Not being a hater does not make someone an "ass kisser". So you get a life.


It's funny how much ass kissers Kim has...get a life!! Your beautiful Kim but I don't worship you.


You would have to be Kim to know whether she is "upset" about it. You can not do other people's thinking for them freespirit114. Doubtful she would do it again. Even if she would, it is HER LIFE, HER BODY, HER CHOICE. You have your life and she has HERS. What she does with hers is her business. She is not going to live her life based solely on the approval or disapproval of other's. Gross or not. Get over it.


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