Kim Kardashian Seeks Wedding Song Advice

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Kim Kardashian needs our help.

Consumed by ways to milk her August 20 wedding to Kris Humphries for every penny she possibly can, the busty reality star has forgotten one key element: "Ok guys please help!" Kim Tweeted this week. "We still haven't chosen our 1st dance song! Any suggestions?"

Hi, People Who Make Me Famous!

Hmmmm... We can think of a few...

  • The Way You Look on TMZ Tonight
  • (Everything I Do) I Do It For E!
  • The Power Forward of Love
  • (I Just) Tweeted In Your Arms Tonight
  • When a Man Loves a Woman Who Loves Attention
  • Chained (by Ray J) Melody
  • Everything Little Thing She Does is Filmed
  • God Only Knows... Why I'm Famous
  • Can You Feel the Phony Love Tonight
  • I Want to Know What Fame Is
  • Total Eclipse of the Badonkadonk
  • I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Move to a Small Market)

Your turn, THG readers. What do you got?!?

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Will their sex tape be on the First Wedding Episode or the Second; I can't wait for Kim to be Gang-Banged by the Groomsmen right before Kris plows her backside…..JUST LIKE RAY-J DID!


How about 'shut up and drive' (yourselves off a cliff) and rid us of your stupidity, lack of class and dignity


i'll do any thing to get my love save


When a women realy


When I married a woman who looks like an Egyptian cobra..


When a man loves a woman would work


Squealer by AC/DC


I think, the best for her wedding would be non-stop screaming: "Money, money, money, money..." Melody is not important.


Timothy bloom: Until the end of time.
Brian Mcknight: Love of my life
Music sould child: Don't change
Damage: Forever
Norah Jones: come away with me. Or maybe choose a song that means most to the both of you ? that should be more important .


Hahaha, Dan! Yours is truly awesome (and terribly romantic).