Kim Kardashian on Wedding Planning: Challenging! Exciting!

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Eight days, people. Kim Kardashian willofficially lock in a new revenuesource marry Kris Humphries in just eight days!

How is she feeling with the bigmoney-makingday coming up in just over a week?

"I am actually really calm," she told reporters at the W Hotel this week for the launch of her 3D World’s Most Beautiful pictorial. "I think that all of my freak out moments kind of happened at the beginning when we decided to get married this summer so that’s like when you are like, ‘Oh, when and where?’"

Wedding Secrets!!!

Of course, far be it for Kim to get through any interview without dropping the name of a company, or brand or, in this case, wedding planner:

“It’s been so like everything that I have dreamed of and more," she said. "I had no idea how much work really goes into wedding planning and I really do have this newfound respect for Sharon Sacks, my wedding planner!”

Sharon, please make that name-dropping check out to Kim Kardashian. That's K-A-R-D...


Who cares Kim k. Get married and go on your way stop broadcasting your life on tv I wish this entire family disappeared from tv how much more can we take a entire family with no talent un believeable.


@ Mog - she should be since Kims 'career' (term career used very loosly) has been completely based on what Paris did next!


is paris invited?


sje sucks. baby drama. she's full of shit. kIM WHOEDARSHIAN!


Will their sex tape be on the First Wedding Episode or the Second; I can't wait for Kim to be Gang-Banged by the Groomsmen right before Kris plows her backside…..JUST LIKE RAY-J DID!


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