Kim Kardashian on Wedding: God is Good!

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Following her lavish wedding ceremony and subsequent reception, Kim Kardashian took to Twitter this afternoon and thanked The Big Guy Upstairs for her good, huge fortunate. No, not Ryan Seacrest.

Wrote Kim:

Kim Kardashian Tweet

Considering reports that Kardashian and Kris Humphries pocketed $18 million for the event, we're pretty sure she means capitalism is good.

Meanwhile, E! News has released a handful of photos from the ceremony. People Magazine will dedicate a special issue this week to the nuptials, but visit the E! website for a few images now and check out one shot of Kim as a bride below.

Kim Kardashian Wedding Pic

What a bunch of filth!! I hope she shits on herself in front of guest. The Kardashians are a pile of manure. County fart to all of them in their faces. I hope Kris Jenner sucks Bruces dick.


i dont understand the big friggin deal! This is 2nd marriage people! I guess god wasnt so good the first time around? LoL.people get married everyday, this attention whore is nothing special.


Kim well done. Ye God is good. You have done well for yourself. You aint playing girl. You aint messing about. Keep up girlfrend.


I'm glad she looks so happy!! She sets a nice example for others with her beautiful wedding and her commitment to God, love & family, as it should be. Her father said that she was the strong one in the family-not just so pretty. Bless her sweet heart!!


That's a poem by William s Burroughs, one of the best Amercan authors ever. But I wouldn't expect you morons to read anything past this blog and your shampoo bottles as you take a shit. Idiots.


Kim looks beautiful and so elegant


My my aren't you a breath of fresh air, Mr. Bleak.


Shutup Mr Bleak you make no sense

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