Kim Kardashian on Wedding: God is Good!

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Following her lavish wedding ceremony and subsequent reception, Kim Kardashian took to Twitter this afternoon and thanked The Big Guy Upstairs for her good, huge fortunate. No, not Ryan Seacrest.

Wrote Kim:

Kim Kardashian Tweet

Considering reports that Kardashian and Kris Humphries pocketed $18 million for the event, we're pretty sure she means capitalism is good.

Meanwhile, E! News has released a handful of photos from the ceremony. People Magazine will dedicate a special issue this week to the nuptials, but visit the E! website for a few images now and check out one shot of Kim as a bride below.

Kim Kardashian Wedding Pic

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way to go kim i love all ur dresses nd who cares how many times shes been married...maybe dat wasnt love it wass juss a pile of bs...she has found her new love kris im glad for her i love you kim dnt listen to dese stupid fuckers...


This is her second marriage and it is none of anyone's business how many times she has been married.


Ppl, this is not her 2nd marraige its' her third. she was married at 19years of age. look it up do ur reaserch. she has no star status. she is just a regular person. don't idolize her' she is no one special. to her mother and family she's important but, thats' it. only a family outtoo gain more money, in anyway they can. but, so is everyone eles. she just happened too pick a sex tape, big deal!!! wish u well in ur nuptials. i give it 2maybe3 years.


Way to go Kim!! :) GOD IS GOOD...ALL THE TIME!


Ugly headpiece for a veil. Thought she'd do better.


i agree, teamkim!!


Bobobitch again why not mind your own business and if you hate then so much do not watch them on tv or look at their pictures in magazines.You need to have mental help.So vicious and hateful.


what else is xpected when u pocket 18m if not a big big smile


Lol lol too me, it crazy to jump into marriage so quick. It might last long, who know's! It is sad that people worship this girl. What is so special about a money hungry person that who made a living by just not doing anything? Please dont comment that im a hater, cause im not, just making a opinion.

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