Kim Kardashian Music Video Leaked, INSANE Badonkadonk Displayed

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Maybe whomever Kim Kardashian has working behind the scenes trying to buy the rights to her sex tape can negotiate some sort of two-for-one deal.

Another video of hers that she'd rather forget is making the rounds, and while there are no shots of Ray J ransacking that booty, it's still pretty sensual.

Earlier this year, Kim released a song in a hilarious bid to break into the music industry. She even shot a music video that was never released ... until now.

Watch 55 seconds of stunning visuals from the amazingness that is "Jam (Turn It Up)" below. The audio is quite forgettable, but that's always true of Kim:

Jennifer miller

Who cares? She is gonna make another mill off of this video. All I can say is make that money,Kim.


wow the lyrics are awful, this is awful it reminded me of mad tv when theyd parody a singer. i dont think this was intended to be funny but its hilarious


Kim's had a LOT of plastic surgery done, the buttocks is all hers though. Not sure about her boobs. Before the plastic surgery, she wasn't attractive at all. Now she just looks like a plastic/expressionless doll with a huge bottom. So many people say they can't stand her. So how come she's so rich?


Oh HELL YEAH! You go, Kim. I say, if you're only good at one thing, and that one thing is rolling around on the floor covered in oil in front of a camera, then you may as well own it, go with what you know....and she does. Of course she can't sing, that's why the song did terrible and this video is going viral. It's awesome in how totally awful it is, but she does do rolling-on-the ground-in-front-of-a-camera and being as trashy as possible very well.


LOL @ KK... It sounds like something Rebecca Black would sing. It's horrible... I'm not against her using her unprofound fame to make money, but this is absolutely terrible.


Still hating bo bo witch. How sad you are so mentally sick. Have a long and unhealthy hate. Changes nothing. Kim and Kris will still exist. :) .


Did rebecca black write this for her?


watch Kim Kardashian Turn It Up Music Full Video Leaked


Really now, my chickens can perform better than that! Fuck Off Kim and her ape looking husband!


omg...these r the most nicest comments i've ever read about my fav reality star, its usually a bunch of haterz, hatin' on her!!! Go Kimmy!!

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