Kim Kardashian Music Video Leaked, INSANE Badonkadonk Displayed

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Maybe whomever Kim Kardashian has working behind the scenes trying to buy the rights to her sex tape can negotiate some sort of two-for-one deal.

Another video of hers that she'd rather forget is making the rounds, and while there are no shots of Ray J ransacking that booty, it's still pretty sensual.

Earlier this year, Kim released a song in a hilarious bid to break into the music industry. She even shot a music video that was never released ... until now.

Watch 55 seconds of stunning visuals from the amazingness that is "Jam (Turn It Up)" below. The audio is quite forgettable, but that's always true of Kim:


Teamkim before you start lashing out at people for voicing their on learning your grammar before you post on the internet. Idiots like you are the losers that like skanks like these. The website states post your comments, just because individuals say negative comments about Kim doesn't mean their jealous. I for one am sick of these people because they are a bad example to our youth. Good Luck in life.


I agree with you Denise. The reason people hate is mostly because they are jealous. She is beautiful and has a shy/ sensitive side. I believe what she does in.her life is HER business. The people who hate her deal with their jealousy through anger and insults. SAD for them! :-(


Im sure my opinion wont matter to any of you just like yours dont matter to me but, Kim is beautiful and funny and has a shy/sensitive side. She's bold enough to do what makes her comfortable to be her! I admire that! If you all really "didn't care" then why bother with taking time to post negitive comments? Huh, sounds like a touch of " the green monster"! Some people are just born to be famous and some of us are sideliners. So realise who you are and be happy or change who you are but you don't need to attack someone else to change yourself!! You have only ONE life make the best of it before it ends. Make those who love you proud and start making better and happier memories!! You look fine Kim don't let haters take that from you!!!


To the person who posted using teamkim I have been using that name first and you are stupid. I think the song was good. I am not amused.

Avatar is wrong with wtf?...n u teamkim??...even you Teamkim..Gud grief,up ur game u creatures.Sláinte gossipers-tht means cheers in Irish


The song is worse than the coup deboul jingle. She should hang out with Jason Jie and learn how to rap better.


I do not owe any one an explanation of my "passionate defense" on every post. But if you must know I am a Kardashians fan and sick of people trashing other people out of jealousy or whatever their sick reasons are. I also have people in my family who are very successful and get ridiculed for that. Just because they are succesful is no reason to trash them.


@teamkim - what's with the passionate defense of the Kardashians on every post? Are you Kim by any chance? :P Also, if the Kardashians don't want people in their business, maybe they shouldn't be living every moment of their lives in front of TV cameras. It seems silly to be part of the most over-exposed and publicity-hungry family in America, AND not like it when people have negative opinions about you.


None of your business if her breasts or any other part of her body is plastic.


I don't have anything against Kim, really even if I did, who'd give a rats azzz. And yeah, if it matters her booobs are not real. She had plastic surgery if you look up kim before surgery you will see a huge and obvious difference. I'm not a plastic surgeon, but you can tell she has had other work done as well. With as much money as she makes for whatever reason of course she would go under the knife and become as plastic as possible. Also not hating on Rebecca Black, but when I heard this song I imediatley thought of her. It's the same style of lyrics. Which in my opinion sound bland, and more like a speech than a song. And yes I've written a few songs so I know what it feels like to come up with lyrics. It's not easy, but I think rebecca has potential if she only put more emotion into it. As for Kim, I think she's a lost cause and should stick to doing what she dies best, putting make-up on and high-heels. Just my opinion.

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