Kim Kardashian Music Video Leaked, INSANE Badonkadonk Displayed

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Maybe whomever Kim Kardashian has working behind the scenes trying to buy the rights to her sex tape can negotiate some sort of two-for-one deal.

Another video of hers that she'd rather forget is making the rounds, and while there are no shots of Ray J ransacking that booty, it's still pretty sensual.

Earlier this year, Kim released a song in a hilarious bid to break into the music industry. She even shot a music video that was never released ... until now.

Watch 55 seconds of stunning visuals from the amazingness that is "Jam (Turn It Up)" below. The audio is quite forgettable, but that's always true of Kim:


This song is wack. Kim k is wack. The bit@h can't sing. She's not a role model she's a whore. Its so sad that people look up to this trash. She has proven to the world that you can be famous by hanging out with a previous famous slut aka Paris Hilton and make a sex tape like her and pretend that you don't know how it got linked out to the Internet. This music video has proven that anyone with big ass and tits can be made into a singer just auto tune the hell out of the song. Thank you Kim for being famous for being a slut who only dates black guys. Thank God when I have kids and they get older she will be too old for my kids to like her.


WTF, after see this, certantly the end of the world is coming :s. mmm I think her butt is most talented than her!!


I will stop replying to you because you are a waste of time completely loser.... Will not reply if you write to me again or write about me either.


WELL stop replying FREAK!!!!


You are the freak Jennifer.I do not write out of anger. But people hate her out of jealousy which in turn makes them angry.Go crawl back under your rock. I do not have to explain myself to you.


teamkim, you are a psycho!!! You need help..anger management classes..FREAK!!


I am not as bad as the haters. Mind your own business. At least I do not hate someone I do not ever know for their lifestyle. Kim's life is her business and not anyone elses's.


Wow TeamKim you are just as bad as the haters..take a chil pill!!


Oh and one more thing. As far as my grammar goes those are typing errors from trying to type on a small keyboard on a cell phone if that is any of your business you Bitch!


To Megan : Mind your own business. I can write whatever I choose the same way you haters can. It does too mean their jealous. You are the idiot because you make excuses for hating someone you never even met.What Kim does in her life is her own business. I am sick of "people" like you who stick their nose in where it doesn't belong. If you want to waste your time hating go ahead. It will change nothing. I am sure Kim will still go on with her life whether or not you haters like it or not. Bad example to our youth?! What a bunch of shit! Just going to public schools and hanging around with the wrong kids are a bad influence.Grow up.

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