Kim Kardashian Brings Camera Crew to Father's Grave Site

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We take it back: Kim Kardashian can reach A LOT lower than simply hawking a fragrance based on her wedding day.

The reality star took fiance Kris Humphries to Inglewood Cemetery on Sunday, the location where her father was buried in 2003... and she appears to have brought along an E! camera crew! See for yourself:

Kim Kardashian at a Cemetery

Might that be just a random passer-by? Ummm... maybe. But she's about six feet away from the couple, neither of whom seems to mind, and she's wearing a walkie talkie on her belt.

This is a move that only Larry Birkhead could admire. At least we hope that's the case. What do you think of Kim inviting a camera crew to her father's grave? It's...


There are certain parts of our lives that should remain private, and completely off limits to others. I know there are National Holidays and Observances when people gather to respect and visit the loss of family members and friends. Not once can I think of a time that anyone that I know of personally have felt the Need to alert the media or a camera crew for a reunion that should be private for me and my loved ones. If Kim K. had wanted to carry her fiance out to the grave site to express her feelings about getting married and the happiness that they share is one thing, but for that special event to become so well publicized is a discredit to the sincerity of what it should have meant!!


They are both fame whores who just got married and want to visit Kim's father beyond the grave. Y'know. In front of America.


What do you expect from a whore who let somebody piss all over her and sell it to become famous. Nothing is of limits with this woman... Kim K is a filthy disgrace to her father he cut her off for marrying too young amoung other things how he would have reacted to her porn tape idk... She was probably at that grave crying out of one eye like she usually does when she is faking it. Kim ur dad is turning in his grave at least let him rest in peace u filthy ravenous wh0re


@Bitch your disgusting to have a name lyk that. I think wat kim did is absolutely fine. So what. Its not like her dad is still in the grave, his in heaven. So if she wants to take a camera crew to her dad grave n.p.


While there are many things wrong with all things Kardashian, I don't see how this is one of them.


I dont think so ! Shes` mourning her Father still u know! Its` her Life and its` excepted to air everything!



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