Kevin Federline: Should He Get a Vasectomy?

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Kevin Federline just became a dad for the fifth time. Congratulations are in order. As are questions of when and with whom the guy is going to procreate next.

When Victoria Prince bore him a son named Jordan Kay - interestingly, Kacey Jordan claims to have aborted his baby once - she became his third baby mama.

K-Fed has also sired two children by Shar Jackson, and two more with Britney Spears (who will be paying for all five). We get the point, dude, You are fertile.

You are also a morbidly obese, jobless waste of space. At some point, how many more kids should one bring into the world? All of which begs the question ...

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Should K-Fed get a vasectomy?

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While I agree that he should be more responsible with his parenting/dating choices in the future, the weight thing you guys throw in all the time is immature and mean-spirited. Don't be feeling sorry for people like Rebecca Black when they say they've been bullied via the internet, or because of material on the internet, and then go calling people fat -at your place of work, no less- on the internet. His weight is completely irrelevant to the main topic of the blog post and is therefore an entirely mean-spirited, ridiculously childish comment... especially for you, FB, a father yourself. The United States is the 'postercountry', if you will, for obesity in children, teens and adults worldwide. So the odds are that you, too, are morbidly obese.


Damm hollywood gossip did u read my blog post when u posted the original news and decided to make a page out of it lmao.


I also want to ask who in their right mind would want to procreate with this guy? Ick.


5 kids with 3 different women and he's only 33. You know that all 5 of them, at least the current 4, don't have a strong father figure in their lives and for that he should be ashamed.


yeah he needs to be clipped, does he even support ANY of them ???he's just a money grubbin puke that lives off of his one pathetic ex wife..and truth be told she probably is supporting all of the kids..


OKay, nevermind.. I didn't realize he gained weight.. lol


Why did they say Kevin was "morbidly obese"??? I don't get it..




K-Fag is worse than that. He finds WOMEN to support both him and his spawn. Any adolescent boy can knock up a woman. But it takes a REAL MAN to stick around for the long haul and be a DADDY to those kids. Better than vasectomy for this LOSER: castrate the asshole!!!


Hes a pathetic sloth

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