Kelsey Grammer or Alec Baldwin: Who Would You Rather... Elect?

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Kelsey Grammer can scarcely keep his own house in order. But the actor still thinks he'd make a good politician, admitting to The New York Post that he possesses the "narcissistic personality" necessary for that world and would consider a run for Mayor of NYC.

"I have a great career and extraordinary opportunities," the Grammer said.  "But I look at my political aspirations as that last piece of my life, where I hope to do something good for people and pay back a little."

Grammer is a known Republican, while Alec Baldwin - an outspoken Democrat - has shared a similar sentiment. Can you imagine a general election between these two? Who would you rather... elect?

And the Winner is?

They've both expressed interest in the gig. Which of these actors would make a better Mayor? View Poll »

Ramona oerlemans

turd sandwich and giant vaginal douche is all i can say.....


Alec is a typical Hollywood snob but he doesn't hold a candle to Kelsey in the sleaze department. After KG's behavior and total humiliation of his family, any respect I possibly had for him is long gone. On top of that, he's now trying to give as little of his many millions to his wife and kids as possible. Is there no end to his low down dirty behavior? Guess not. At this rate, I'm just waiting to see what he tries to pull next.


Kelsey would do the job best for sure.


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I guess RANK forgot when Alec called his little 11 year old daughter a rude little pig. Is that treating your family well. They are both pompous jackasses.


Alec Baldwin for sure!I adore him!


I'd choose Alec over sleazy Kelsey any day. After how he treated his family this past year, being a total dirtbag, cheating and knocking up some gold digging homewrecker, no way. if that's how he treat people he's supposed to protect then how will he treat people he thinks are beneath him? he won't even eat lunch with the crew of his play, he thinks they're "simpletons". A man of the people? Hardly. Being a snob was funny7 on Frasier, in R/L? Not so much.

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