Kelly Osbourne to Christina Aguilera: Eff You, Fat C*nt!

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Come on, Kelly Osbourne. Tell us how you really feel about Christina Aguilera.

During a recent episode of E!'s Fashion Police, the former reality star went off on the singer, responding to host Joan Rivers' critique of Xtina at an event in Germany with:

"Maybe she is just becoming the fat bitch she was born to be. I don't know. She was a cunt to me. And she bought my house!"

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Kelly wasn't finished, either. She added of Christina: "She called me fat for so many f*cking years, so you know what? F*ck you! You're fat, too."

Osbourne has lost over 48 pounds over the last couple years, all of it starting with a stint on Dancing With the Stars. She has said she'd rather be called "ugly" than "fat."

"I just commit to half an hour a day," Osbourne said of her routine. "It doesn't seem overwhelming and I can handle that. I do half an hour on the treadmill and when I feel like doing more, I'll do a few sit-ups and some weights."

Clearly, she also enjoys exercising her opinions.



Big Daddy..that's cause she's too much like her mama..Sharon Osbourne!! Export Sharon back to Britain!!


i'm tired of the Brits taking over America! Sharon Osbourne on that daytime talk show needs to go! Bring on Carolina Rhea in her place! Heck, take her(Sharon Osbourne) off America's Got Talent and put Christina Aguerilla there and get Pink or Gynn??Steffani for the Voice..then t.v. will be better!!


i agree with you lisa.


wow ! Kelly your more of cunt then xtina is . You think your so cool cuz you lost weight ? hahah . not to be rude , it wont be long till your fat again ... I LOVE YOU CHRISTINA !


Are you kidding me Kelly Osborne, your still fat! maybe if you stop stuffing your face for a min. and then going to the bathroom to throw up maybe you might lose more weight! And why are you even on any show talking about others especially on what they wear! It wasn't long ago where you looked like a fat Hooker! You might have dyed your hair and put on better clothes but now you look like a expensive Hooker instead of a cheap Hooker! p.s stop living off your parents and do something with your life pig!


I'm totally on Kelly's side! Kelley and her mother are the last few people on the face of this earth that keep it real. They're a happy family. Christina has talent but she's a real b**ch. She's a slut that parties and never takes care of her son Max. Grow up Christina! what a shame getting arrested for being soo drunk with your bf. What respect are you showing yourself and especially your child. Christina did get fat and I don't have anything against big people. But the total fact that she would call Kelley fat came back to bite her in the ass. Comes to show what goes around comes around b**ch! U GO KELLEY!!


Well, if Christina called Kelly fat over the years, I understand why she's bitter. What goes around comes around and it came around for Christina. I'm not saying what Kelly did was right, but Christina was wrong too.


Kelly, I really liked you, until now.. because I have always adored Christina, along with millions of others, I'm sure.. so with your tasteless comments, you made me choose - and I choose Christina!


Well, apparently Kelly doesn't seem to have any more class than Cristina does, if she had she would have had a different answer than to continue with the unnecessary drama. By the way, at least Cristina has talent, Kelly on the other hand would have continued to be a nobody if it hadn't been for her family name. And she still looks like a chunker, and should not be talking about anyone's fashion sense with the shit that she wears. No talented chunky, hag.


I absolutely LOVE Kelly Osbourne. If she says Aguilera is a cunt I'm sure she's much more than that! Kelly Osbourne speaks her mind and stands up for go girl! I've been fat forever!

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