Kelly Osbourne to Christina Aguilera: Eff You, Fat C*nt!

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Come on, Kelly Osbourne. Tell us how you really feel about Christina Aguilera.

During a recent episode of E!'s Fashion Police, the former reality star went off on the singer, responding to host Joan Rivers' critique of Xtina at an event in Germany with:

"Maybe she is just becoming the fat bitch she was born to be. I don't know. She was a cunt to me. And she bought my house!"

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Xtina for Extra

Kelly wasn't finished, either. She added of Christina: "She called me fat for so many f*cking years, so you know what? F*ck you! You're fat, too."

Osbourne has lost over 48 pounds over the last couple years, all of it starting with a stint on Dancing With the Stars. She has said she'd rather be called "ugly" than "fat."

"I just commit to half an hour a day," Osbourne said of her routine. "It doesn't seem overwhelming and I can handle that. I do half an hour on the treadmill and when I feel like doing more, I'll do a few sit-ups and some weights."

Clearly, she also enjoys exercising her opinions.



Sounds like Christina Aguilera is one of those who loves to criticize and talk smack about other people out of cockiness. The way I look at it either Christina Aguilera envies Kelly Osbourne or Christina has something against Kelly.


i think xtina looks better fat.


Kelly has never been one to curb her tongue, and in this, she's absolutely right - Christina did call her fat for years. Now it's her turn to call Christina fat, cause Christina has gotten fat.


Um Mrs.Brace where have U been kuzz kelly did mAke an album..luv her BUT it didn't do well!!! Anyhow LUV her Kut Throat Honesty not sure what type of person Christina is just HEARD she's a bitch tho..but the Bitch can SANG!!!lol


You ALL sound like a bunch of cunts to me. Take the clamps off your nipples and give the battery-eating bullets a break, loosers. Christina Snookilera - NARF! that was a good one -- OMFG she _does_ look like Snooki without a poof.


Christina is an ugly no talent bitch that can't remember the words to the national anthem. Stop over singing and over eating! I love the show the voice minus the fact christina is on it. So annoying!!


Well" It's a good thing Kelly would rather be called ugly. Cause nothing can change that face of hers... That girl is pure trash. She needs to go back where she came from!!


That's funny ,no one likes Christina Snookilera Ugylera.Christina has made fun of artists over the years and has gained weight on purpose being that she's totally obsessed with wanting to be Marilyn Monroe the whole look she's had going for 7 years the changing heaftier shape,the hair,the fake blue contacts she wears,her fake boobs,the fake shape of her eyebrows she draws in.Christinas every video,magazine spreads revolves around trying to be like Marilyn with no success.Christina used to have talent now she's just ugly ,over the hill loser no one likes.Kelly has never liked Christina and she's not the only one almost all the women in Hollywood can't stand her 5'0 a.. so whats new?.


K Osborne sounds like a bit of a cow. I'd pay heaps to see Christina (as I already have) but you'd have to pay me to go and see Osborne. Come to think of it, not even if you paid me would I waste my time seeing this cow.


Dalilah, Your probably correct!! Also, American girls are way sexier than British i'm on team Christina!!

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