Kaught on Tape: Kameras Kapture Kardashian Wedding Script, Plans for Kourtney and Scott to Marry

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Are you feeling remiss over the end of all Kim Kardashian wedding build-up? Don't worry, readers, another family proposal is on the way!

During the Saturday night reception, producers were busy mapping out a supposed special moment between Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian. How do we know? Because it was caught on tape!

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TMZ has obtained the audio of one producer speaking to another about how Scott must approach Kourtney and bring up the future of their relationship. The walkie-talkie conversation concludes with a woman telling her co-workers: "See you at Kourtney's wedding."

Seriously, go listen to it now.

How ironic, huh? One tape made Kim famous. Another has exposed just how much of a farce the lives of the Kardashians are.

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After seeing how much Kim got paid for her own wedding maybe she figured WTH why not marry him she dealw with him anyway might as well make some money too lol. Either way she will do what's right for herself and Mason.


Ewwwww he is such a douche bag, I really hope she doesn't marry him. How he acted in Vegas a few episodes ago should be enough to prove that to her. She is really sweet and needs a man who treats her the way she should be treated. :)


Kourtney isn't going to marry Scott; she knows he is just her baby's daddy. Even when he was talking about it and had bought that really nice ring she shot him down. I really don't think she is going to do it just for TV but we shall see. Khloe's was for love, Kim's was for ratings........Kourtney's won't happen...to Scott that is.


She makes him significant !!!!!! If she marries him they will be divorced before Kim !!!!!!!!


I'll believe it when I see it. Perhaps this will give them both a reason to smile a little. They NEVER smile - are they even happy? I wish them well. They seem to want to be together.

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