Kathy Griffin to Michele Bachmann: Were You Born a Bigot, or ...

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Kathy Griffin has been a recurring thorn in the side of the Palins, so it's no surprise that GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is in her sights now.

Appearing on Conan this week, the comedian recalled meeting the Congresswoman in D.C. while researching for her rally to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

How did that run-in go? Listen to Kathy describe it:

Perhaps mistaking Griffin for someone else, or simply not recognizing her, a Michele Bachmann staff member began filming their interaction for her website.

First, Griffin says she asked the Minnesotan if she'd support an effort to repeal the law that banned homosexuals from serving openly in the military.

Bachmann declined, so Griffin got personal: "Congresswoman Bachmann, were you born a bigot or did you, like, grow into it?" she asked, to her face.

Her answer? "That's a good question. I'm gonna have to get back to ya."

Now that would be a great presidential campaign slogan right there.


Does Bachmans, having to think about its comment, mean she has to make up a story as to why she is not, or maybe she feels enough time will pass that all will be forgotten and she won't have to tell a LIE and say she's not?

Ali goria

Kathy Griffin is a complete phony who verbally assaulted, harassed and stalked American Idol Clay Aiken for years about being gay before he came out to the public and it became fashionable to promote "no hate". She is the ultimate bully and should be the poster child for the No Hate campaign's enemies.


Katy Griffin is so stupid. Ever other loud mouth Liberal in Hollywood has their mouth shut. The left (democrats) have been in power since 2006-now they have failed our country as much as they possibly could.

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