Kate Plus 8 to Return With New Episodes

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Get ready to see more of supermom.

No, not Nadya Suleman. Gosh no. If there's anyone we'd like to see less of, it'd be her. She makes Kate Gosselin looks like the patron saint of celeb moms.

The prettier Gosselin and her brood return with new episodes of Kate Plus 8 Monday, August 8. We'll see the family's adventurous trip to Australia.

The Hot Gosselin

The mother of eight Tweeted earlier today:

"GM friends! I'm awake but didn't drag myself out to run...Yet...Will do as soon as breakfast is over! Lots2do 2day as usual! Whatcha doing?"

More importantly: Would you hit it?


Oh joy! Kate acting like a fool some more, she has got to be one of the most domineering, annoying, vicious, hateful women on earth! I know Jon realizes just how lucky he is to be rid of her, and even after they aren't together anymore, she still has the same hateful attitude. Mady shows her no respect, treats her like a doormat, and the show is boring as hell. She thinks she's supermom, and above all other moms. If the show was going that well, it wouldn't be aired sporadically.

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