Kate Gosselin: Ready to Start Dating Again!!

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Guys, your moment has arrived.

Play your cards right and you just might be able to woo Kate Gosselin, who revealed on Today that in spite of Jon Gosselin's steadfast bid to permanently disparage the male species and drive her to the other team, she's ready to date again.

Calm yourselves. Give it a couple of hours before bombarding her with phone calls. Personally and sexually desirable as she is, make her wait a little.

Kate Gosselin at Today

Kate Gosselin is ready to dip her feet back in the dating pool. In a related news item, network morning shows are still interviewing Kate Gosselin for some reason.

In light of this earth-shattering announcement and the soon-to-be reality that the eligible bachelorette is FINALLY available once again, we gotta ask:

Would you hit it?


& how is she gonna have a sexual relationship with 8 small kids running around?


if any man was smart they need to talk to jon and see what kind of a person kate is, jon knows kate like a book from the bedroom to the kitchen and her personality, Jon was with her the longest, The viewers that seen kate from day 1, know what kind of a person she is, or they could buy their "jon and kate pus 8" DVD. they will know what a monster kate is. I'm sure her siblings could tell you what a controlling, hatefull,money hungry person kate is. One day her kids will be old enough to write a tell all book about kate and what went on in their household when kate and jon were married. kate can't have steve neild (body guard) so she wants a look alike. The first time a guy wakes up in the morning and see's kate, their going to run and not come back!


I feel sorry for any man who falls prey to Kate Gosselin's vicious and domineering attitude, she does not deserve anyone because she treats men like trash, at least that's the way Jon got treated. She's such a good person her own family wwants nothing to do with her.


I'm glad Kate is going to start dating again she's a good mom and a good person from what I can tell on TV so all I can say is way to go kate


Good for Kate, everyone deserves to be happy.


her bag looks like a bowling ball bag! xD


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