Kate Gosselin: Glad to Be Divorced!

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Kate Gosselin is surely CRUSHED that Kate Plus 8 got canceled and her 15 minutes seem to be winding down, but there's one thing she does NOT miss.

That thing is Jon Gosselin.

"I know that I'm glad to be divorced and on my own," she says, addressing her ex in a clip from one of the show's final episodes, airing Monday.

Put a Sock In It
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"I wouldn't change my marriage. I have eight awesome kids that I would not change," Kate adds. "But people certainly can change and if they're not who you thought they were and if they're not for you, you move on. And I have."

She has no problem seeing Jon move on. Or not. Honey Badger Kate don't care!

"I don't care if his girlfriends change weekly, yearly, monthly," Gosselin says in the clip. "I don't give it a second thought ... more power to him."

"Unless I have to deal with him with the kids, I don't [deal with him], which is good because it keeps the peace," she says. "I've always emailed, I've called or texted, whatever – just about the kids, the best for the kids."

We gotta ask: Who sucks more?

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I feel sorry for her because she did not see in the long run how this would turn out. All of us who have over three children and the other parent absent knows this is denial. Yes! he gets to act like a young guy for now! Later on when the ego starts deteriorating. The hairline starts receeding, erectile dysfunction from shagging so many and the enery starts depleteing . He is going to want you back and guess what hope its a no-go because you dont know what he has by then. The kids oh! thier going to give him the business. The little tag team predators. The object of the game with kate is to keep your health and spirit in tack regardless. Organization is the name of this game. That is my best advice to her. Trust me I know Mine are in late 20s and 30s.


you have so many healthy children and are not the only woman to raise her family on her own i dont understand why you are so miserable.you have no idea how lucky you are i feel sorry for you.


Kate is still bad mouthing Jon she is such a mean person.No wonder Her family does not want anything to do with


Why does kate gosselin have a sense of entitlement that the world should carry the burden of her 8 broods - corporate america, maybe? or narcisism. This woman flaunts about having "liquid assets" while women with 8 kids like her couldn't make ends meet and she whines about not having money?


You guys are really rude. There are people who believe and live for God and there are people who don't. Whether you do or do not - you should still be kind.


To those of you who are annoyed with Riley for preaching about GOD you should remember that Kate is religious. And telling people to shutup because you don't agree with them is rude. It will not make someone less religious by telling them to shutup. Jon is better off without Kate and her constant abuse and controlling attitude.


Riley--I agree with randyjacksonsbutt, save the preaching for church. I don't want to be subjected to your phony god platitudes. If god is so great, why doesn't he fix the world? I have a t-shirt that says "I think, therefore I am an atheist". Top that one.


& Jon probably jus as HAPPY


@randyjacksonsbutt I believe this is a free world so I can post anything I want and I'm not ashamed of being a christian because not only does my God exist but he also give abundant peace and love to everyone.
And btw I can't shut up because I believe that I'm typing this message and not wording it out!!
God loves everyone. Turn to him


BTW - Riley: Please shut the hell up and save your holy rolling for church.

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